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    If there was a rating less than zero I would rate owen as a negative 10. Its been 6 months since I got married and owen has not delivered my wedding pictures nor videos for both my traditional and white wedding, after paying him in full. Owen is an unprofessional, fraudulent and extremely rude photographer. May he be punished for messing with my big day and I hope he never succeeds In his career.

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    Am writing to bring this upvagain, my sis wedding that held on the 16 & 17th of Dec. , 2016.we are yet to receive anything sigbificant from Owen_imagery who was contracted to do both the videography and photography.he sent one of his quacks assistant to drop a CD of about 30mins duration to my mum which is totally scratched by the way he has blocked my mums no from reaching him and about 10 page paper book no soft copies no proper hard copies ,please people come to my aid.

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    Just adding an update to my original review:

    So 3 months later, I think it’s Safe to say @owen_imagery is indeed a fraud – someone who takes your money but does not deliver the service that was paid for or at least up to the standards he said he would deliver. So RUN from this guy!

    The social media blast clearly affected him as he gave me a fake apology in a bid to make me take my posts down. He said he would send everything the next day (photobook, 2 DVDs of the video coverage, a printed photo enlargement and a CD with the pics taken). I also asked him to send the soft copies and he said okay. A part of me started to feel sorry for him after his apology but I didn’t take my instagram post down because I wanted to see if his apology was genuine but it wasn’t clearly based on his attitude days later – the ignoring continued and he didnt sent the package until two weeks after he said he would, which was almost 3 months after the wedding.

    We had agreed for him to send it to an office in Ikoyi / Lagos Island. Only for him to tell me that he can only send it to MILE 12. I’m like i dont understand. Knowing I wasn’t dealing with a sensible person, I didn’t complain. I asked where else besides Mile 12 he could deliver to, he said Jibowu bus park so I said okay, I will have to send someone to pick up.

    When I got the package, Photobook was poorly done (I mean I wasnt expecting any better considering I still hadnt / have not seen the soft copy pics till today) The book had only 80 pics, low-quality and were the worst selection ever. He didn’t send my video / 2 DVDs, he didn’t send me the electronic pics. The enlargement was very small, a bad picture and really a joke.

    After receiving this, i humbly and politely told him to send all the soft copy pics edited or not so I can at least select what I want (because I probably liked about 10 pics out of 80 and hopefully if i saw the entire thing, i would find more nice ones and print a book myself). He ignored me and clearly doesn’t plan to send it so I have closed my mind and head to him for ever.

    Luckily the trad wedding was not grand so I won’t lose sleep if I don’t ever see the pics / video. My white wedding memories more than suffice. I’m just doing this so that other potential clients / even existing clients can learn from this and stay away.

    A message to @owen_imagery, your attitude will not get you far so all I feel for you is pity cause you’re clearly not educated and have zero dignity / integrity. I would say good luck but even that can’t help you.

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    A Bad and unprofessional event planner leads to a wack, quack kinda photographer. My wedding date was December 30th, and 31st, 2016. This charlatan had me pay him 70% weeks before wedding, both tradition and white, and then balance on wedding day. His nonchalant attitude from the outset made me feel I was dealing with the wrong guy. But I didn’t follow my guts because planner assured me of his professionalism and all, not knowing she was bad too. And besides am based in Abuja and hardly found any good photographer in Warri. My Abuja photographers were charging really high cos of logistics. So I felt this guy was a fair deal. I and my other half went thru his posts on ig and were okay with his  jobs posted on there. Wedding day was fast approaching and this fraudulent, rude and arrogant boy hardly responded to my calls to make plans for our big day. He was just acting really weird. At a point we were really scared we had been scammed even though the fake decorator kept saying he would disappoint us. Long story cut short, this son of a bitch didn’t show up on the trad day, he just sent 2 guys who were amateurs. Owen was unreachable. He never informed abt his absence. Then came white weddin which was d next day, the bastard showed up at the event in short chinos pant as if a houseboy. Contrary to our agreement, we had no banners for display, no coverage of convoy, no interviews at the hotel, no wedding shoots, no projectors to display our pre-wedding shoot we had in Abuja. and no though coverage of event. Only a few shots at the reception. This dude was a total mess and disappointment. My wife kept complaining at the reception cos she noticed they werent covering the event. Till date we have not seen our wedding coverage. He keeps giving us stories and we keep seeing other most recent weddings on his ig. He has been extremely nonchalant about our job and worst yet he’s so rude and arrogant. I think 10 weeks’ patience is enough. I have given owen  benefits of the doubt. I have had misunderstandings with my beloved queen all bcos of owen. Of course I would not expect my wife to be happy abt not having seen our wedding pics and videos that we paid so much for. I have let owen rain on our parade enough. Now he’s guna really regret  messing with the wrong person.  I will make sure he regrets  hw he treated all these other clients that complained.  Unfortunately I have to give him at least 1 star rating even though he deserves none.
    I will update here soonest.

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    Firstly he was untimely&unapologetic for both the engagement party and wedding proper which held on the 16&&17th of DEC. 2016. He came after the bride was fully dressed and no crew showed up for the groom(groom got to church late waiting for Owen who was still saying he was on his way @9am and guess his arrogant mouth said thank God am here now I have 6w3ddings today so these boys are my guys they will handle it) needless to say that we were expecting 4 crew and we saw only 2 and an extra lady whom seems to be a friend to one of the guys on the 17th helping them hold the lighting shade. Hmn I could go on but as we all know the movie already ,he has been playing same script over and over but owen-iweh godspower this is d end of it all.I pray Gods power empower you like Samson oooo .

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    If you are looking for good service and professionalism please run from this photographer. He’s nonchalant attitude, pride and delay is top notch ?

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