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    Pancake Hub is simply amazing. The pancakes are divine and the location is beautiful. Personally, I love outdoor airy restaurants. First time I visited, it didn’t disappoint. I had a standard breakfast from the menu list. The pancakes were light & fluffy, it came with scrambled eggs, sausages, baked beans and a hot cup of cocoa. First sight of the meal didn’t look filling, I was so wrong, my eyes deceived me…They were filling and hit the spot!! I couldn’t wait to visit again, the next time I went, I tagged my mum along, this time I had the pancake tart..who knew pancakes could be topped with chocolate syrup, ice cream and fruits variants. By the way, mum loved the pancakes as well. I thought I had tasted it all, then there came their well prepared spiced pasta with shredded chicken during their 1 year anniversary, delicious is an understatement. The more I write this review, the more I drool…lol
    I’d just conclude with these words…Pancake hub is “where magic happens”, they give a whole new meaning to pancakes..most def not the pancakes I had while growing up.
    Pancake Hub Yaba is worth a visit!
    @a_chizzy (IG handle)

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    I had a beautiful experience with Sandra. I had the same pancake meal with extra pancake as side. I will be coming back soon..

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