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    We apologize for the poor experience you have had with

    Customer Service:

    Our phone lines where down when you ordered, and customers still reached us via sms/whatsapp/email or mobile.

    We clearly stated. Prices of certain items are subject to changes on checkout due to the following:

    a. We are in Beta Phase testing for physical products not digital products
    b. There’s been a big issue with exchange rate pricing, and the disparity from N250 to N300 to N350 to N400 to $1 cannot allow us change all at once. And since most items on our Platform are imported, I am sure you’ll understand why the price disparity.

    Why wouldn’t you get your refund if we are unable to deliver what was ordered? I mean?

    Thank you.

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    Your Rating is a FRAUD Website. Order Number: 100023013 Date: 2/12/16. WebPay Transaction Reference: 120216094449. Order Total: ₦14,900.00.

    Today is 2/22/16 and my order is still showing processing. They do not take calls, no one has contacted me. I have logged ticket (Ticket ID: QKH-326-79435) and they ignore. Did Whatsapp to all of their numbers I could find. SMS also and I get no response. My conclusion, they are bunch of criminals.

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      And two weeks later…after I have reported on Facebook, twitter, nairaland, reviewnaija and other websites I could find, they decided to refund me “WITHOUT EXPLANATION”:

      Transaction Location: CORPORATE H.O.
      Amount: 14,900.00
      Value Date: 25-Feb-2016
      Remarks :via GAPS 635919540173564404-1 REFUND 100023013 from PAYKOBO DOT COM LIMITED …*

      In conclusion; I got my money back. from my experience now has a very very poor transaction reputation, no customer service, displays products for sale that is not available in stock, they have no intention to deliver anything to you. Their ticket management system is without operators/customer service agents. Do not even bother to call them, you wont be able to speak to anyone.

      My Advise; They actually have a great plan, creative thinking/minds/ideas and the business has growth potentials, but it is not getting the attention it deserves. (Maybe they are going bankrupt as business of this nature is highly dependent on dollar rate – this though, should be communicated to customers if it is the case). Until they repent, for now, STAY AWAY from or USE AT YOUR OWN RISK.

      1. SandraGee_

        wow! this never happened to me. In fact, I could communicate with them freely. im glad they refunded. I’m really surprised.

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          Thank you Sandra, I am really glad you can be of great help to all of us in making accurate reviews. To make it easier can you please provide your order number, order date, transaction amount and the telephone number you use to “communicate with them freely”?

          If as customers, we have a phone number to call and get response to our issues, get information on request then it wont be an issue.

          PS: If you paid via InterSwitch you can include the transaction reference number, because I can verify (just by a simple web query) if it is a valid transaction or not – right here from my desk. Please, do not feel offended by my requests, I just want to ensure that readers have honest reviews only, so they can make informed decisions.

          Like I will continue to say; “From deep inside my heart, I commend the minds/brains/individuals behind the idea”. My review is to encourage them to improve, not to defame the company or kill their business. Once, I can see improvements, I will be the first to order from them again. I have always patronized Konga, Jumia, and Aliexpress. But I wanted to use as a replacement for Aliexpress. I love and will continue to encourage growth in Africa especially Nigeria.

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        Wow! Thanks for sharing your experience! I’m sure it’ll go a long way in helping others decide whether to use Paykobo or not. I know I won’t! Thanks again!

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          Kome, thanks for taking time to read that lengthy piece. I decided to put up a review to protect others. If I had read any review like this, I wouldn’t have wasted my time ordering with them.

          Lets just say I was fortunate to get a refund. I pray that they fix the lapses and return to the growth process. We need more businesses to succeed in Nigeria… in order to create employment(s).

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            You’re absolutely right, Leoben! Thank you and hope to see more of your reviews on here!

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    It’s great to have you review us, we appreciate you, thank you very much Sandra. We are also sorry for the bad service you must have received, We can tell you categorically that if we can avoid it, we will have, Glo, MTN service is 101% smooth, Etisalat has downtimes a few times, The data we shared already is calculated and in cases like yours, once we receive the complaint, we re allocate it else it simply expires on the sim. You must have ordered during a period when etisalat was doing their software update, because etisalat has been quite stable.

    A few other customers complaint and commend us here:

    We will be very glad to give refund or re allocate to you. We are here not for N1000. But for your satisfaction.

    1. SandraGee_

      Heyy. Thank you for commenting. However, I did complain and was told it’s etisalat’s fault. Its okay tho. Service was good tbh.. but I just wish the data lasted longer..

      P.s if you want to allocate to me, I will be very glad. After all.. who says no to free data.

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