Listed and first reviewed on: 01/24/16

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    Unbelievable! There is no excuse for this in 2016. Something needs to be done quickly.

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    We can’t blame the governor. The airport is a federal responsibility and not that of the state. If the federal government is not aware of their lacuna then it should be made known to them. And besides there’s a building for the departing citizens.

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    shameful….just shameful.

    Reviews like this are important and why i like coming to this site.

    We as citizens need to keep reporting situations like this. one day, our voices will be heard.

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    This is really a shame. I grew up frequenting PHC because my dad lives in Port Harcourt and it was never this bad. At least, there was a building and working conveyor belts. Things are supposed to be moving forward, not backward. And to think the past governor is now minister of transportation *does sign of the cross*

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