Listed and first reviewed on: 05/29/15

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    Each time i hear the word pizza!!!!!, i’m always like douuuu (nooooo) , then one day my hubby took me to Pizza House Ogudu and bought me a pizza called Something Fishy because he knows i love shrimps, after taking the 1st bite , i was like My God, is this what they call pizza, i must finish everything oooo, pls believe me i didn’t know when i finished all, then i really begged my husband to kindly get me another box, but he insisted i taste another pizza, then he ordered Pizzawarma for me because he knows i love sharwama, Jesus as in Jesus !!!!, i will never forget my experience there cos both pizzas were really nice and those are what i’ve been taken since that day.
    Pls Pizza House don’t change the taste cos u really ‘ve a lovely pizzas.

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    as in..the pizza was… PIZZA!

  3. SandraGee_

    she didn’t o, lol.. I agree its oversabi but I thank God the oversabi was a positive one. If it had tasted nasty, she would have been in for it.

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    MMM…Did the attendant let you know before adding the Sweet and Tangy pizza to your order? Otherwise, this one is oversabi on another level. I think the right thing to have done here was for the attendant to let you know Before placing your order not Surprising you After!

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