Listed and first reviewed on: 07/11/12

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    Worst customer service. Sure their hair is neat, but certainly over priced. I asked the lady to make my braids smaller she said she would charge extra 2k i was like no problem. She later increased the size and i was still charged. She started my hair 2 hours late. Very rude. Wish i knew her name. Going elsewhere to get my hair redone. DONT GO TO THIS SALON!! (i’m also pretty sure they stole my attachment)

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    Yeah im really disappointed with their service. Its really terrible. Staff dont come on time, they gossip abt customers in a different language and they are just rude. Down from the cashier to the cleaners. Rude. Expensive for nothing

  3. Oh my! That's awful. Please keep us posted on how the confrontation goes. Also, feel free to send in reviews of your fav/worst service experiences while in Naij. And enjoy your stay 🙂

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    they are thieves! was traveling back to london the next day and had my hair done there, they only sewed in 3 out of the 5 bundles i gave them, unfortunately i was in a rush and didn't notice till i got back. i called and called but they wouldn't put me through to their boss! i am going back to Nigeria next week and i will definitely be going there to confront them!

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    Really disappointed with the service, the stlylist are nice but talk too much among themselves when working. Also if you forget something, best forget it as they will never keep it for you.

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    so i visited this salon on monday the 10th of july, 2 days before i was to travel back to the uk, whilst doing my hair the stylists were speaking yoruba amongst themselves thinking i didnt understand what they were saying but i ignored them… long story short they stole my hair i went there with 7 bundles of peruvian hair and left with about 3 bundles in my hair.. unfortunately i didn't realize that my hair had been stolen until i took out my hair yesterday. i plan on taking some serious action.. unfortunately i am not in lagos at the moment but im working on contacting the owner of the salon.

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