Listed and first reviewed on: 03/12/17

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    @mizkay79 what a funny experience. Prince Ebeano Supermarket is efficient. But all these staff en! ? they will sha do what they like. Despite their good salary. ? it’s well


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    I never knew j could find this supermarket here to make my review. Well, my friends and I went over to shop for my birthday and it was a great experience I had shopping there

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    Was at leisure mall on friday, shopping at Invivo , I wanted to spit so I came out to do that in the toilet , met a lady at d entrance and told her , she said spitting is N20 , didn’t even argue with her , luckily there was another of her colleague Inside , she saw I spat and rinse . She was explaining to the other to allow me . Before she started talking I asked for POS so I can pay for spitting , she kept on talking , I just walked away. I no blame her . Na condition

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