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    The funny thing is that I used to go to nail studio religiously on Bishop Aboyade Cole in VI until I discovered QM. Honestly I was tired of Nail Studio prices and my salary was bleeding each month. QM is cheaper so I decided to switch.

    Pros: the male pedicurists. Yes it sounds wrong but let me explain. I hate going for a pedicure and feeling like the pedicurist is scared of scrubbing my feet. That was one annoying thing with Nail Studio. They go easy on the dead skin. But at QM…the guy scrubbed my feet!!!

    So many. I had to switch back to nail studio.
    First of all, I got my first ever nail fungal infection from QM. They don’t sanitize their tools. Usually I always buy new tools EVERY SINGLE TIME I get a mani or pedi. I don’t like risking infections. But that particular day, I went with a friend who convinced me that I was being too paranoid. I was always really stressed from fighting QM staff. In the past, asking them to use brand new tools for me was always a fight. Even when I told them I would pay for the tools. Anyways, I went ahead and used their own tools and BAM fungal infection.
    Also, I had a bad experience with some fake nails they fixed for me. Didn’t last a week. The fake nails started popping off and they weren’t even long.

    I really tried to love QM but my health is important. Also, between finding parking and the strange guys that chill around Emmanuel Abimbola Cole street after 7pm scoping cars as if they want to steal your tire…it’s not worth it.

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