Listed and first reviewed on: 02/15/14

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  1. Kome G
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    They didn’t let me into the club because my shoe was “too open”…I wore slippers lol. I finally got in and didn’t really like it. Not my kind of club, not my kind of crowd.

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    Really wish I could get the opportunity to visit this club”Quilox” it would be an honor.

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    Iv been to quilox a couple of times and it was always a fun experience. First time I went for a friends birthday, which was upstairs in d remy martin room, davido and tiwa savage happened to be partying next to us. It was really fun, the music was on point too, but it was sooo crowded but then its a new club so its understandable. Dint pay for any drinks, so don’t hv an idea of d price but I’m guessin its typical club price, which is expensive general it was an awesome experience. I will definitely go again and again. If yr lookin for a ladies night out or a nice spot for bach eve, or hen night dey hv private rooms for rent, which make sense.its a cool spot.

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