Listed and first reviewed on: 05/16/17

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    I snack a lot so anywhere I can find maltesers and wafers is a great place. In terms of packaged snacks, cereal…basically anything processed, I’m happy getting it from here. It’s also pretty accessible for people that live in ikoyi.

    Their baked goods are also decent. I used to get their sausage bread buns, chocolate cake slice and doughnuts until I added plenty weight.

    Their fresh fruit and vegetable section is a JOKE. I never knew apples could smell until I bought them from this place. First of all they clearly imported stale apples and then tried to refreeze them. Most of their other fruit and vegetables are so dead and rotten that I wonder if anyone actually pays money for them. Usually I just stick to the snack aisle and avoid that section.

    Bathroom is filthyyyyy. I mean going to the bathroom in a grocery store is risky to begin with but come on! Their bathroom looked like the kind of place someone could contract herpes and gonnorhea just by looking at.

    In all fairness I would give them a 2.5 out of 5 but since there’s no 2.5, I have to give them 2. Hopefully they will work on their fresh produce section.

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