Listed and first reviewed on: 04/10/17

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    I’ve been banking with renmoney for more than 2 years without a problem. Despite their higher interest rate as compared to others I continued to borrow from them because of the ease. Notwithstanding my long interaction with them, I had a problem for just one month and I called them to explain even before the date for repayment. The agent that responded sounded nice and understanding, but then they unleashed a mob of staff on me, threatening all forms of actions including involving my employer. I struggled to pay up but was still double-billed the following month. On making a complaint, I had to wait for 3 days before getting my money back with another 2k taken off it. It was a terrible experience. Can’t wait to clear the current loan.

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    Needed a break from an optional 26% interest on a travel loan from bank, I was attracted to renMoney by a quoted 4-6% interest rate. But when the Offer Letter came, I discovered a cumulative compound interest of about 51% was scheduled. Comparatively, my last loan of 1.2M from bank was repaid in 12 month-instalment in less than N90,000 per month; while I was now scheduled to pay over N97,000 per month for a N0.75M loan within the same 12 month-instalment. Nigerians, watch out for the fraudsters in the financial industries in Nigeria. CBN, please protect gullible Nigerians from unethical frauds!

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