Listed and first reviewed on: 07/14/13

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    I went there once with my my cousins and sister. There were 5 of us and we spent less than 10k. The pizza was yummy and the vanilla milkshake is one of the best I’ve had in Lagos, it was made with good quality ice cream like blue bunny or Ben and Jerry’s.

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      I still haven’t been to Rhapsody’s but as you’ve mentioned their milkshake, I better try it out soon…

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    Went with my sister and absolutely loved it. The decor is lovely and customer service is impeccable. Plus they have the best chapman! I’m super picky about chapman.

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    Fantastic food and very nice place. Don’t like it when it turns into a club tho and the whole getting in process can be long at nite.

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    this is a place you could see alot of celebrities and oaps esp on sat and Sundays. lool
    u didnt hear it from me o
    rhapsody is like the coolest place to have drinks. heard there’s another in ikeja who has checked it out?

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    Seems u got the worth of your money there with d pix and all… will Def have to check it out myself

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    Nice write up Boss…am stil pissd u left me out of dis awesome xperience tho…d meals luk delicious wif comfy settin def d spot to chill on d island…soooo wen nxt we goin 😀

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    Incredible!!!! Rhapsody’s VI is the bomb!!!! Freeeeee wifi dats the coolest part lol. I really want free wifi everywhere in Nigeria. Maybe in 2020, my dream will come true. Anyways it’s a really good place to chill out. They’ve got good food and quality drinks mehn!!! Check it out!! It’s located in Victoria Island, 19a Agoro Odiyan
    Street, off Adeola Odeku Street, VI, to be precise. Thank me later

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    Can’t wait to tell the “misturr” about this place… Wld blackmail him to taking me there to prove his love for me. Lol! Nice one Tobi..

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    Awesome write up,I must say. I was already salivating seeing the site of the good food. Hahaha. Looks like Rhapsody’s is a place to be…hmmmm,I’m gonna try it out soon. Nice one dear. Hope to read more from you

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    Dis place look lk a place to be already based on ur review..nyce so gonna check it out, if not for anytin just d

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    Nice place….. I like food so might check out the place someday. Good review too

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    1st off lovely piece…dos babes weren’t that gorgeous,d food was waay prettier and d drinks well priced in comparison to Sailors n other dead,over-priced zones in,wen r we going fr free wi fi 🙂 ?

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