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    I noticed the name change I kept on asking the waiter if it was rodizzio before until he said yes but they don’t usually disclose it. Perhaps they had some management issues and the rodizzio I knew before used to be a different building.
    The service was so slow and we were the only ones in the restaurant that day on a Friday evening around 7pm. The food was reasonably priced I had Alfredo pasta it was nice. But overall I wouldn’t go there again it has a dull atmosphere.

    1. SandraGee_

      you should lol. its very nice.. btw ur blog is beautiful.

  2. Abu Adeoye

    This is amazing…. Well i haven’t be there but i have a seminar at Ikeja tomorrow Dec,06th and would definitely visit Rodizzio to check it out and have a taste of your review.
    Special regards to REVIEWNAIJA great job, Your reviews are awesome and actually makes lot of people know so many cool chilling hangout spots, Lounges and restaurant where someone can have fun, relax with friends and family etc.
    Once again great job.

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    Hmmm yummy! Nothing feels better than being pampered like this.I will love to visit this place on or b4 xmas.hope they have my type of food in there menu.

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    Madam Sandra, now you want me to go and eat medemede. It will not work oo….Lolz. Really inviting though, and the price Hmmmm….. All that chop on top tiri k : )

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