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    Transaction ID144742210488
    I paid N24000 for a bag on 13/11/2015.
    When the bag arrived, it looked cheap so I requested for a refund immediately.
    Since then, its been send a mail to us with your account details and we will refund.
    I have sent many mails but no response from them since.

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    I dont get gow these people function. i ordered 2 bags, one was damaged and i reported it immediately. no reponse for 72 hours. when i called, they said i should return it and pay the courier fee? who does that?

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    Good quality. Very poor service. Customer care seems overwhelmed with work. If you order just get ready to keep calling because you won’t get feedback. Then delivery takes eternity. To think I paid before the items were brought. Not sure if I want to do business with them again even though I like their products.

    1. Treated you pretty well? Na hotel? Abeg, what do you mean by treated you pretty well? Should I buy from them or not? That’s the question. Please and thank you…

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    same experience wt u sonia. really snail paced delivery. Im yet to get a wallet i ordered snce 22nd october 2013. Its now over two weeks for what they say takes 2-4 days. I jst hope i get my purse.

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    Well they are doing a better job now! It's a really good place to buy good stuff. For all your shopping needs in Nigeria with a wide
    range for women, men and sporting wears down to
    Human hair etc. You need to be there and the cool part about this place is dat u pay on
    delivery. Woow!! Awesome innit.

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