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    Their service is very useless. I dropped my phone for repairs with blessing with phone number 08038781313 dropped my phone with the engineering team and nothing was done. I came and the other lady sheepish smiled and said that it hasn’t been fixed meanwhile it was an error from their end. Worst service ever

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    So I had an encounter at the Samsung Centre Ojuelegba and it wasn’t a pleasurable one. A small quantity of coconut oil spilled on my Samsung J6 and the speakers were not functioning properly. They were giving off a faint sound and I did the rice trick which worked to some extent but I wanted the speakers to be back to normal so I decided to take it for servicing since every other thing was working perfectly. BIG MISTAKE! I should have just stuck to my rice trick. I took it there and told them what happened and the lady said in the process of servicing it, all my data would be wiped cos it would be factory reset and I said no problem. I left and got a call later that day the it would cost 34k to repair my phone cos they would be buying somethings and I told her to couple my phone back and I would come for it the following day.
    I got there and collected my phone… checked the necessary things and everything seemed fine, only for me to get home and see that my screen wasn’t even glued or screwed back. It was just placed on the panel, thank God I had gotten a screen protector and I am not the careless type cos any slight thing like this the screen would have just fallen off then I would eventually have no choice than to fix the phone. I had to enter traffic and rush back to Ojuelegba, the lady didn’t argue she took the phone back and returned it after they glued it back.
    Now since then my front camera has been blurry and I can’t even use face recognition feature anymore cos it can’t register my face.
    Did I also mention that they wiped my phone despite the fact that they didn’t service my phone.

    1. Kome G

      Rather unfortunate. Thanks for sharing your experience. Hope you’re able to get a better phone soon!

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    i bought my samsung j2 phone for 37k last year june and by september the screen went blank… i took it to slot where i bought it and was told that it will cost me 35k to fix the screen because i didnt get a special insurance for the screen(i wasnt informed at the point of purchase)… can someone advice me on what to do… as they plainly told me they cant attend to me except i pay 35k.

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    My experience was quite different as at a month ago I went there . I took my micro wave oven for repair which stopped working barely a year I bought it at their service centre at Ojuelegba., I was well attended to and was given 10 working days to get back my stuff before the collection period will elapse I even got a call from their office to notify me that my appliance is under repair and will get it soon. When it was finally ready I also got a call from them informing me to come for collection. I think they have improved in their customer relationship.

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    Pls my samsung galaxy s4 i9500 need to be upgraded and I need to change the battery connector. How much will it cost me

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    Please, I will advice anyone going to this Samsung repair office at Ikeja to repair his or her phone should never take it here, because this is worsted place to repair your phone. I was there to repair my Samsung S7 edge screen, they told me it will only take 10 working day, now it been more than 2months, my phone isn’t ready yet, and most of all everyone I meet there recently that I was there, were all complaining about another issues coming up with their phones. Am not even sure anymore if they’re still legit..Please Samsung should do something to this people..

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    Please my samsung galazy s4 zoom isn’t work properly how to fix the problem

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    u dey talk i changed my note 4 screen for 43000+2000 service charge .and today am going to change my camera screen dont know the price dey will call

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    Well my note 5 screen just went black after barely 20 days of use.. Though this post is old. I will take it there just to see if after all these comments, Samsung cares about what their customers have to say. Hopefully i will come back and post my findings.

  10. SandraGee_
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    They are thieves in that branch in my opinion. Lol. A minus 5 is not bad I must say.

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    Ah. When I saw your post on instageam I was already going to bash the place. Then decided to just see what you had to say. Apparently I’m not the only one who got terrible service. I was told 40k to change the screen of my Tablet.No explanation. Plus something about them renovating so I wouldn’t get it back for about two weeks or so. I got it done at the Ikeja centre for a lot less eventually. 40k and crappy service, I’d give a minus 5.

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    Omg omg yesss!!! I went to samsung ojuelegba and I was close to giving the attendant a slap. She is the same woman im sure. She was chewing gum and just talking anyhow. My samsung phone had an internal problem. It wasnt my fault.. and I had warranty.. instead.. she told me I was going to pay 32k for a problem I didnt cause.. when I have warranty o.. I was explaining to her.. and she put earpiece in her ears and was listening to music.. I shouted.. got tired and went to the one at ikeja.. and I didnt pay a dime.. infact they were very glad to answer me and fix the phone. The ojuelegba branch is TERRIBLE!

    1. SandraGee_

      That is the worst tbh! I think I would have snatched the earphones from her and made her listen to my rants. That’s the height of bad service.

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    lol…i also remember an experience at this same ojuelegba samsung care centre…it a frnds phone, a smaller S series tho, the screen got broken too. when we got there, after waiting…i think there is sometin really wrong wit samsung choice of attendants or wit the attendants themselves and their attitude… cos she jst collected the fun…wit no ounce of sympathy or being nice and said #15000! i’m like, thats ridiculous, 15k for wat?!
    Sicerely, I think wat they do there, is jst collect ur phone, look at u and ur phone and jst tell u an amount that comes to thr head or they tink u can afford.
    Well, we moved on to their centre at ikeja and they were more nice and said it would cost 9k instead…
    But really samsung care should work on their choice of customer attendants and price list.

    1. SandraGee_

      Like!!! I feel the same way. They should have a price list or something.. instead of having different prices in both stores.

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    See ehn,they’re bastards in that place. I agree with your review 105%. That’s how I went there too to fix my tab screen and I got pretty much the same kinda treatment. Mine was even 47k! For tab of 70k! I’ve sha vowed never to buy any samsung product again!

    1. SandraGee_

      Lol.. big brand.. big money. I feel they should explain what the price stated is for.. the 47k.. why.. whats the difference between both screens.. terrible treatment I must say

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    that Samsung center has the worst customer service

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    Customer service at the ojuelegba centre is bad. No warm welcome, no explanation on the problem with your device. To be frank, those two ladies on the front desk should be sacked ASAP. They don’t have an ounce of customer care training. The security guy was nicer. He asked abt my tab and everything. But those two ladies need discipline

    1. SandraGee_

      Yes.. I recommend they should be fired .. especially since everyone has the same comments for them.. yes.. the security guy was very nice.. after the pathetic treatment.. he looked at me with compassion.

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