Listed and first reviewed on: 02/04/17

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    Impressed!!!Watched this place grow.I’m a loyal customer and fan of the lakes. Clear example of perseverance.

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    Enjoyed time spent with some friends I met up here today. my first experience and It was great. Their catfish pepper soup tasted so great…no exaggeration !!!

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    I was here today…longest hiss! Ordered the fish and was told it’d take 30 mins. 1 hour later no fish…and guess what? It wasn’t even ready. In fact, they hadn’t started making it sef. Longest hiss. Not going back abeg

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    I liked the serenity of this place maybe because I went at night but then again night time is the best time to chill beside waters so you can enjoy to cool breeze . Moving on I like that there were various floors and the top floor seemed to be one you could really enjoy the view a bit of calm and have a drink or two with your lady, a bit of privacy in the spacious deck, the second seems more like one you can really chill out with the bro’s probably watch a match, it’s much more busier a setting but in all it’s all really a chilled setting and the name says it all
    IG: @the_aries_lady

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    My first time there and didn’t want to leave….asides being unique, Looks like this a spot for celebrities in lekki. First time seeing wizkid up close. The other day Yung6….good place to be.

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    One of my favorite spots in lekki. Great view and concept. Had their catfish pepper soup and it was heaven. Kudos?

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    Sorry excuse for a business. I paid ahead (about 10 days) for sunset cruise with my girlfriend on vals day. Got there and was told there’s no gas but we should enter the boat like that. Imagine that! After waiting and waiting and waiting, we decided to leave. Plus, the cruise was supposed to come with small chops; we were given gizzard and juice or something and told we could eat it before or after the cruise. After 30 minutes of waiting, we told them to bring the complimentary small chops. After we’d eaten and the captain still wasn’t ready, we decided to leave. They then brought a bill of 3000 naira. We were so pissed that we just paid and left. Thank God I had other plans otherwise my vals day would have been ruined.

    There were also some people smoking weed here.

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    Very lovely place. I enjoyed the boat cruise tho I booked only for an hour. I took my kids with me and we had so much fun. I’ve already told my friends to go check it out anytime they want a different exeperience

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