Listed and first reviewed on: 12/17/16

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    I stumbled upon this spot yesterday – it’s an awesome little space. I really liked it. The owner was pleasant enough. My friend did have a table though, so not sure about the seating situation – it is small.
    There’s this ‘Champagne Room’ – which looks like it’s intended to be a bit special/VIP maybe? But you have go through it to get to the bathrooms, so may want to re-think that set up and just open up the space there, so more people can enjoy the ambiance.
    I’ll definitely go back to check it out on a quieter night.

  2. SandraGee_

    It’s unfortunate that I can’t rate this business less than one star because that’s exactly what it deserves. I was super excited seeing the Shisha room on Dorcas shola fapson’s snapchat , only to get there and be treated like shit.
    Super annoying!
    He sounded like we came there to beg for drinks just because we were all ladies! It’s clear the business establishment is for his friends and not the general public. The space is too small and he wasn’t considerate enough to get bar seats. Tbh. It’s not his fault the place was full but it was so rude speaking to us like that. No Asa. Goodbye ShishaRoomNG ! I have no plans whatsoever of coming back plus my friends and their friends aren’t coming back too.

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