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    Shop Direct is the home of costly, expired and fake items with very terrible and non chalant attendants. My sister bought body cream from them, came home and we discovered that it had expired a long time ago, like a year and some months to be more precise, she took it back to them and it was a tug o war for them to even apologise, talk more accept their expired property back. It really a horrible place.

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    Lol. Ah ah sandra, don’t come and finish the shop direct that we are managing jor. Lol I admit they are a bit overpriced in certain areas and can do with a bit of competition. Shoprite is opening soon and I believe that will make em work on their prices. Nice review though.

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      i am a shopaholic and i live in Festac. I can tell you that shop direct has issues that need to be addressed. their items are over priced which may not be cool but i can choose not to buy. what i find disturbing is their freezer contents. Once i opened it to get mixed vegetables and shrimps. apparently, the freezer had not come on in a while and the items were putrefying already. the shrimps came out smelling and totally discoloured, the mixed vegetables had withered and felt very soft through the packaging, do not even mention the yoghurt etc and guess what? when i brought it to their notice, they explained (weakly)that maybe i picked the wrong bag. they proceeded to bring out more items and everything in the freezer was SPOILT!!! about the change bit, i think its intentional and standard practice to be led into believing its not available. it has been my case with them several times. my dear, for a better shopping experience, try one source mart

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        oh my goodness! this is like the worst experience ever! that’s food poisoning right there! very disturbing..

        also, if you’d be so kind, could you please write a review on Source Mart?

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