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    I used shopamericang as well and was super impressed! My order (which was a gift) was delivered promptly and was very very affordable! Only thing though is I’d have liked to be able to track my order without having to chat via bbm however I understand that with the new website and interface, this can be done. I’d highly recommend shopamericang’s services.

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    My experience was a WOW for me.
    I ordered an iphone5 for myself and 5s for my sibling respectively *both used* and I was kinda surprised as to what I saw!
    They both looked kinda new to me without a single scratch….well at least none was visible to me and came with a charger and earpiece too.
    They came in after about a week but I picked it up the next day making it about 8days in total.
    The price was fair to me though cos the total package was still less than I could get it here in Nigeria.
    well, kene I think I owe you this! Thank you much!!

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    I have heard about them as well. When compared to other sites like konga, his items r reasonably cheap

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