Listed and first reviewed on: 09/28/14

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    The frozen food. Richmond, walls sausages etc is frequently rotten. I shall DEFINITLY be shopping elsewhere for my processed meats. Even the fresh chicken and other meats, particularly the Ground products, are suspect.

  2. SandraGee_
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    I’ve fallen in love with shoprite’s sandwich and potato and egg salad. It is amazing ..

  3. Hmmmmm. vanilla and cookie flavor Blue Bunny ice
    cream ehh? *packs bag(plus atm card), taking a trip to shoprite and then to ya heart* lol. Anyways, nice review. Had no idea they sell cooked meals @ shoprite but if ever I find myself hungry n in SR, I’ll be sure to steer clear of d “panache” thingy meal dat u had. Abi aint that how its spelt?

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