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    SF as it is most popularly called is one of my favorite hang out spots especially when u want to deviate from the usyal clubbing experience. I have been a fan for the longest time, my 2016 birthday was done there. Shots of patron and very delicious asun. The girls are of premium selection. The best girls u would ever find in any strip club in lagos. James up there comparing SF to cave and ocen view that is sacrilege mehn, those places don’t even come close to SF i have been to all of them. Drinks are pricey, normal stuff, if you want to drink at pump price, go to an open bar in your area. Dj used to be so live, but recently, he has been replaced. This new dj is very very wack. Lap dances are now 5k mai gahd! I feel like crying???. I love the SF crowd, very elite, very clean crowd. And if you happen to enter into any of the private roomS the crowd gets even more elite ? . In other news it is my first time on the blog and i am really enjoying it. It is SF review that brought me here o ???

    1. Kome G

      Lolol! Don’t be ashamed! We welcome all #rnfambam ?????

  2. SandraGee_
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    Went to SF recently. Lap dance cost 5,000NGN now. It was so packed, seating was such a problem. Btw! if you want to get cocktails. Don’t bother going upstairs. Just stay at the bar to avoid being insulted.

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    Great place! Had a nice time with them SNOW last weekend! Really Turnt! Got a big bootie lap dance, guess I’m in love with a stripper!

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    I went to silver fox a couple of time last month -I was actually staying at the protea on kuramo waters so silver fox was a 3min walk for me.

    This place looked basic in my opinion and the girls where no better looking that the ones who worked in ocean view or cave. I had visited cave in ikeja previous so I had a good idea of the standard already set at ikeja.

    I saw a few foreigners there but off course they were the low grade type along with their smelly indian

    beware of the vastly over priced drinks -a small bottle of heniken when for 2700 naira while the larger bottle costs about 3700 -I eventually settled for a bottle of star -2500.

    good place for a prev but I won’t waste my money on a lap dance or a bottle of hard liquer -pussy is cheap in lagos and a short shag costs no more than 5k .

    1. Kome G

      what would you rate Silver Foxx on a scale of 1-5?

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    Amazing night shout out to Big slim the owner you’ve changed the game don’t let your standards slip love the place best in Africa they say the grand in south Africa but overrated so is the bomb.

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    Wow I want to silver fox on a Sunday night and had so much fun crowd was of the elite they had about 30 girls clean classic best gentleman’s club in Africa reminds me onyix in Houston well down Big slim you making us proud in Nigeria

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    Yes indeed best strip club in Africa trust me I’ve been to lots of them sf has this U.S feel going on compares to lots of us strip club properly cuz the owner is from my Miami big slim I hail you Bubba you are a legend keep it up

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    Silver Foxx is the best Gentleman’s club in Lagos! Other clubs’ dancers look like market babes! I didn’t stay too long the time I went but I shall take my time next time.

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      For real! have you been to the strip club in lekki? I went and I just felt sorry for myself. The babes were so DUSTY, no weave, not sexy, looked like market mgbekes… SF girls are GORGEOUS and they can dance, like work the pole! I won’t lie, I was highly impressed

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        KG, where is the strip club in Lekki? Can you please share the address?

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    My expectations of Silver Fox were already pretty high before i visited as it had been hyped up by a friend of mine. I however went in with an open mind whilst bracing myself for potential disappointment. Much to my delight it turned out to be a very good entertainment spot. The girls did not disappoint; they looked clean, they looked pretty and they looked very happy to be doing what they were doing. More importantly they just focused on dancing and didn’t try to hustle one by pitching this and that. Like in many American strip clubs.

    I was originally concerned that demand would outstrip supply in such a popular strip club in Lagos, and much to my delight it did not. There were girls coming to give lap dances at a fairly regular rate. The girls took as much joy in giving the lap dances as we were in receiving them. This made for a fun experience.

    I only stayed in a small corner of the ground floor so i did not have a good appreciation of the size of the club. But from my vantage point, space was not an issue. Sadly I didn’t buy drinks so i cant comment on the prices of the drinks, i would imagine they are on par with other night clubs/ strip clubs.
    The atmosphere surrounding the venue on a friday night is just how you would want it, low key with very few hangers-on, and suya on the side in case you cared for such. Conveniently, theres an ATM next door in case you need cash. And you probably will. In summary this is a place I would recommend to those looking to have a great time in lagos and is worth every penny.

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    SF is the way forward in Lagos!!

    My friends were in town for the holidays and were bugging me to go out. As usual they wanted to go clubbing and I was skeptical because in my opinion Nigerian clubs need Dj Khaled, Diddy, and a lot more free booze to make them fun!

    After going to about 3 clubs and each more annoying for them than the other I suggested we go to SF.

    When we got there they were pleasantly surprised, the place was packed, but I told the bouncer to keep a look out for opening and within 5 minutes he looked out. He didn’t even asked to be settled.

    We sat down and the boys and I went to town, drink came out sharply, girls were looking lively, shisha came out in time, and the vibe for the night was just on point!

    My boys got lap dances, and were more than willing to spend their Dollar Naira… all in all that was the most fun they had in their time in Lagos, I think one might have disappeared with one of the girls but that’s not my business!

    When I go out in Lagos I look forward to ending my night in SF, I have the most balanced hassle free night fun there. I’ve yet to regret a Naira spent there and will be back, with more friends.

    Drinks: Same as any club aka over priced
    Food: I don’t eat but it always smells good
    Ambiance: Very Good, people that just want to have fun
    Overall: ONe of the best night life in Lagos

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    i was skeptical about this place initially…

    i assumed clubs like this in Nigeria can never be safe/clean or managed properly…so why bother visiting.

    In addition, i am not a fan of strip clubs and so i really had 0% expectations. However, i was cajoled by two beautiful ladies and ended up there a few nights ago.

    We had a great time and thoroughly enjoyed the drinks, finger foods and sight seeing…

    Places like this are best experienced individually and whilst i and my friends had such a blast, the same might not be guaranteed for everyone else.

    Side notes – drinks are pricey, ambience is not bad at all, the girls are pretty good dancers and the music can be a lot better.

    Oh and btw, when you pay your bill with cash, you will never get your change back. A waiter still owes me N400 and no attempt was made to settle this. probably the only thing i didn’t like coming to this place.

    i’ll give this joint a 7/10. well done SF.

    keep it up and pls dont get razz. Thanks

    1. Avatar

      LOOOOL @ “I am not a fan of strip clubs” Nick I know you…say the truth

    2. SandraGee_

      What??? the waiter owes you change?? That is ridiculous.

  12. SandraGee_
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    So i had a wonderful time here (covers face). I mean , I got a lap dance and tbh she was on fire! She was plus sized and just too good. (Costs 2k)
    I agree that they have a lot of girls giving lapdances and very few on the poles.the space is too small. The drinks are ridc in terms of pricing. The dj was not great in my opinion. He was playing some songs that got me confused. Wrong songs for that kind of setting. All in all. I will rate an 8. oh yess! ! The chicken wings were good but drumsticks were included as well, so I was pretty confused.

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