Listed and first reviewed on: 12/26/16

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  1. Adesola Adesanya
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    silverbird is not what it was before, not as bubbling. the toilet and some of their appliances are in a bad shape. they need to renovate the place

  2. Avatar
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    To be honest, the Silverbird Cinemas is not what it used to be before. Then, a lot of attention was given to the overall cleanliness of the place. Now, the management is a bit lax.

    I love the movie options. The snacks are a bit expensive, though.

  3. Avatar
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    This cinema was the first I went to watch a movie. Have always gone to the gallery to buy things ,eat there . We decided to watch a movie there that year,we didn’t have any movie in particular to watch so we settled for “Taken”. I love it so much . It was a case of kidnap and the dad.had to look for his daughter. Filled it suspense. SILVERBIRD CINEMA is cool,love the serene of the cinema hall. Well organised and I won’t forget the pop corn and soft drinks too. @debbiekunmi on instagram

  4. SandraGee_
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    Lol! You should see the toilet/washroom! It’s a big problem tbh

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