Listed and first reviewed on: 10/28/12

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  1. Efe G
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    Soooo I carried my big head to Sip last week Saturday and I’ve decided I won’t be visiting again (unless there’s an event I’m going for). This review, though written 3 years ago, is soooo accurateeee! The struggle to get in was so real! We eventually did get in and there was no space to dance and it was pretty hot. So we just decided to chill outside and get shawarma from paris deli. The shawarma was actually decent but toooo spicy…gave me the runs in the morning. Anyway, my Sip days are over shaaaa….

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    This is literally the funniest thing I’ve read in a read all month! Had me in stitches!

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    This place tends to be ridiculously packed! During the 2012 Xmas hols they were using tasers mmmm club is not by force!

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    HAHA! I love this review. I've been to Sip a couple of times and it's quite small especially over the weekends (too cramped and can't even dance in peace!!!). The decor is nice but the pics above make it look nicer than it really is in my opinion. The service here isn't spectacular either. Not a bad place though…

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