Listed and first reviewed on: 11/15/16

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  1. Kome G
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    They’ve moved and I love the new location on Admiralty. Limited parking though and you climb a whole lotta stairs to get here, but had a great time. Stopped by their new location launch party and it was PACKED! Dj was ok but the live band was LIT!

  2. qrstuviola
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    Great night out with my cousins and parents.
    We went on a Wednesday night. Karaoke services were fantastic, the variety of songs available was great. So many I was spoilt for choice.

    The band was great. Very lively and engaging. Apparently there was supposed to be an Afrobeat singer but he/she didn’t show up. It didn’t have a negative impact on our experience.

    The food was good, although took an age to get it. Faster service needed.
    The drinks were disappointing. The mojito tasted nothing like mojito; far too much alcohol. They probably need to spend some time practicing making the cocktail – or didn’t feel like it was mixed.

    The night was ruined when a group decided they were going to smoke. In such a small enclosure you don’t need a law to know you really shouldn’t smoke there. It was just so inconsiderate.
    Slay should either 1) have a rule that says no smoking inside 2) or have a smoking area with an extractor 3) have a balcony where people can go out and smoke but still enjoy the music.

    Toilet facilities was ok. Clean.
    Although it was a bit uncomfortable waiting for the female toilet only to see a man come out.

    Overall a quality night with family and friends.
    Overall 7.5/10

  3. 4.0
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    Low-key place if you don’t want to see the regular familiar faces. I won’t come here to club because it’s a once in a while place for me. But I liked it when I visited and will recommend. The bathroom I used was downstairs didn’t look good though.

  4. 4.0
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    I’ve been to Slay on two different occasions. I liked it the first time so I returned. Music was fantastic. Karaoke selection could be better. Service was ok. Waiter was annoying. Brought orders late. Pricing is fantastic. Drinks are fine; strawberry daiqury. Band was v good and dj was on point!! 4 rating. Faster service!

  5. 4.0
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    I liked it. It was nice. I was pleasantly surprised. Karaoke ended a little too early but live band was on point! At first I thought the band lead was going to be a “2pac wannabe” but he did great. The daiquiri I had was like juice but the cosmo was very good. Shisha was very good!! And it could be spiked for 1k..strong so be careful! I will definitely return!!

  6. 4.0
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    I visited Slay Karaoke House on a Friday evening. I loved it and want to go back. I’ve actually invited my bible study group to this place. I liked that the music was clean and I could dance to it with a clean conscience. I experienced the karaoke and live band and both were very nice. I didn’t try the food there personally but I hear it’s good. The only thing I didn’t really like was the smoking. If they can find a way to create a smoking and non-smoking section that would be very good.

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