Listed and first reviewed on: 09/14/15

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    Smile network is the worst I’ve ever used
    Customer service at their Admiralty outlet is so so poor
    Not impressed at all,you guys can do better !!!

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    Smile’s service has gone down terribly! If you buy unlimited, your speed is capped at 4mb for downloads and the cut off mark is 80GBs. If you buy limited however, speed goes a lot faster so it can finish
    faster. For a few nights, there has been total service blackout. Definitely going to move elsewhere at the end of the month!

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    Smile Communications provides 4G LTE mobile broadband in several countries in Africa. Their objective as stipulated in their website is to “become the broadband provider of choice for SuperFast mobile broadband internet and SuperClear voice services in each of our markets and to provide over 300 million potential customers in our countries of operation with a fast, reliable and high-quality broadband internet to accelerate development and wealth creation.”

    So far they have been doing a good Job, they most times give out free data and voice airtime to their customers who haven’t recharged for a while, this is something no other telecommunication company in Africa have been able to achieve.

    Even though SMILE was created for 4G LTE mobiles, it has given access to those who use 3G mobiles to access their sin without slotting it in by downloading their Application. This enables them browse and even make phone calls through the application.

    I’ll recommend SMILE to every African. The Sim Cards are also really afforded and their customer service is fast and reliable and also very polite.

    Go and get your SMILE from an outlet near you now!

    @official_agracey (Instagram)

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    @emeka how’s smile holding up? are you going to switch to another provide?

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      It’s getting better. They added a free 5GB to my 5GB plan (cost N5500). Service coverage is still not vast.

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        yay for freebies!! 5500 for 10GB isn’t bad at all…

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