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    My name is Aj. Yemi Shoyemi is truly a scam.
    I feel it is important for the populace to be advised on who they buy from .
    I went ballistic on @yemishoyemi after she took money from me for more than a year without making my dresses. :
    It took the intervention of Aunty Banke Meshida (she gave me the audience, a good woman I must say. she promised she was going to get across to her, I am not sure if she didn’t before this so called Lagos base designer Yemi refunded 125,000 out of money paid to her) and others that I reached out to, to get a 55% of money paid to her.
    What you see on her page is never what you get. She is malicious , callous, disrespectful and excessively saucy ! And a liar .
    When I read how a bride suffered in her hand last year, I decided to record every phone calls, keep text messages and even private chats.
    At first, she was like “sis we don’t refund” shooo???
    I googled to read reactions of other buyers and they had a lot to say about her and purported brand.
    Here is a link to a bride lamentation.
    : :
    @yemishoyemi is a scam.
    A robust story is coming on her before the end of the week :
    What agency out there in Lagos are protecting the interest of consumers, people like @yemishoyemi should be out of business already.
    If you decide to get her to make dresses for you, be ready to cry fowl. I will advise that no bride should ever visit her unless you are ready for a heartbreak :
    I have all of our conversation documented and it shall be released in a short while. Buyers beware! She has gotten away with a behavior like this because people decided to keep mute.
    I repeat, all you see on her IG is nothing but a facade. Don’t fall victim
    I was going to storm her store like hurricane sandy. with cameras and law enforcers. Nigerians wake up, don’t let no vendors rip you off your hard earned money!
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    Wawu… Thanks for the insight… Keep up the good job

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    This is such an abysmal fail. Businesses like this should be tied neck deep in litigation they won’t have time to defraud another victim. But Naija, we like forgive and forget. Just sad!

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