Listed and first reviewed on: 07/02/18

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  1. 3.0
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    Spectranet has been good so far with the exception of the few hours Downtime which NSG pointed out. When their network is up, the speed is usually amazing. The data plans are perfect for me. I’d rate them 8/10 because I now get better value than when I used another provider which also starts with S.

  2. Kome G
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    I used to love spectranet… even convinced my household to switch to spectranet. Unfortunately, once we procured their router, we realized that the service (in lekki phase 1) is very poor…definitely works better on the mifi than the home router they sell … #1

    #2 these people are evil! their customer care line costs an arm & a leg to call..there’s a toll free line oh but called it over and over and no response.

    overall, not overly impressed with them these days. service is very spotty these days…

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