Listed and first reviewed on: 07/18/15

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    Checked out Spice a few days back. Lovely ambiance and delicious food. I particularly enjoyed the cheese naan bread and service was pretty prompt (food came out in less than 10 mins!!) There’s outdoor seating here as well!

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      Love the restaurant setting during the day…I truly believe they do great indian dishes..iv always liked it here.

      On a more recent visit, I experienced one of the best customer service delivery in lagos. The waiter who served me was absolutely fantastic; he knew when and what to say…he was confident and represented the spice brand well.

      One thing I cant stand is a waiter who doesnt have a clue about what he is serving. You will be like ‘so what does this dish entail’ and he/she will be like ‘ah sir, just read it..everything is good’ lol

      This irks me a lot.

      Anyway, the service in spice has earned them another visit from me.

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    I’ll go cuz of the food… And I’ll hold u to ur word on then having one of the best Asian meals cuz now mymy expectations are high

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