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    I need your phone nos

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    Hi,I am your regular client in PH, so took my daughter for a passport on Wednesday.After driving quite a long distance to located ur shop at Lekki,this was my experience. From the frontdesk,I wasnt attended to in a pleasant way–the lady was on her personal call while trying to punch the computer and couldnt give that needed attention.
    Inaddition,the guy at the studio,more like a youth,had an earpiece and walked in like a musician to d music he had,no common courtesy to the lady and I,waiting in the studio at d time(ofcourse I had to remind him courtesy) and then the appearance of the staffers didnt cut it at all…too casual with some kind of slippers(ofcourse it is not a friday)..Unlike your PortHarcourt outlet,very spec and the staffers are welcoming,courteous and goodlooking in appearance(pls i dont mean they must makeup cos i dont either,but the need to appear in nice office clothes,not suit per se,but cute wears and nice shoes NOT SLIPPERS or old looking clothes,pls note).Then d passport had a defect,the girl was just snapped like thrice after which i wasnt shown the pix and then called to collect it.On seeing it,the girl(a 9+),had
    a squeezed mouth and this young photographer couldnt have asked her to adjust so that it comes out nice.When i told him same,all he could say is that “I thought that was the way her mouth is”. Oh my!!!what an answer,I thought. Immediately,i wished i cud go to ur studio in PH and do something nice, no matter how small… PLEASE,YOU PEOPLE SHOULD TRY And MAKE CHANGES PLS,LEKKI BRANCH IN PARTICULAR. THANKYOU.

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