Listed and first reviewed on: 05/12/13

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    They sell fakes and are thieves. I dont what prompt delivery you are talking about. Took them more than a week to deliver the fake item they sold to me.

    1. SandraGee_

      well, their items are ridiculously cheap, so we shouldnt expect designers i believe.

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    Hmm,for reals for reals,taafoo is on top when it comes to fake,chinco copies. I’ve bought quite a couple of things and I realised they have the originals as well as the fakes,with the fakes being more and as someone commented here,you can’t expect to get an original when you are spending

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    We should all find out prices of the original items before judging A lady would want to carry a LV or Channel bag and pay 10, 000. How on earth is that possible? Want to wear a prada sunglasses and pay 5k. How??? Anot

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    i knew about taafoo was facebook was a big rave and then it wasnt so organized like now and no offence but they've got allot of fake items there..

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    It's funny you say that because I did some research on them and found that information as well. People wear fake stuff though so it shouldn't be that big of a deal (lol). But on a more serious note, at least people who care whether it's fake or not can choose to buy only the non-branded merchandise…

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    Looking forward to the next sales .

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    The delivery is just so awesome.
    No delay.
    And they always have sales on.
    I just love taafoo.

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    I used to love taafoo until I heard that most of their products were fake. I don't know , I'm not judging but the news went viral.

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