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    I was there a long time ago and it was a ferry that conveyed us and the experience was more like a boat cruise, it was really fun (well, maybe because I love swimming) but that was a festive season.
    I would love to visit the beach again but not on a speed boat, I need to enjoy the trip on water.

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    …The I’ve only gone there once..and I don’t think i’ll be going there anytime soon…it’s not all it’s made up to be. The speed boat, more like motorized canoe, was not fun at all and probably was the worst part of the entire experience…i felt like any wrong turn, we would all be GONE!!

    I personally thought it was boring..but hey..thats me

  3. Efe G

    If I got stuck on a speedboat to anyway in Lagos I’d just take it as a sign from above and go back home. Plus I can’t swim…naaaa..back home I shall go…unless it’s like a fancy nice boat with food and drinks (then i probably won’t care):)

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