Listed and first reviewed on: 10/10/13

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    I was at Chicken Republic Oando by 10pm in Dec 2012 and i ordered Rice and a crunchy chicken and they gave me two plates. I corrected them and they said that is the new rule. i immediately ordered another crunchy chicken and i had four. Got home and put them in the fridge. Call me whatever you like, i took the best use of that opportunity. TFC hasnt changed since high school days.

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    Well, I say carbodo rejectamenta to the “burristos”. Moreover, it’s tasty fried CHICKEN, expect nothing less from their chicken. (Y)

    1. Efe G

      Definitely Khalil,

      And the great thing too is I tried the TFC crispy chicken at a different branch and it tasted the same! Talk about consistency 🙂

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