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    Well, Most partner-drivers like me are on both Uber and Taxify. There is really no difference between both. It all boils down to the personality and customer service of the drivers as well as a few other platforms. Well, all I have a rating of 4.78 which isn’t bad ‘cos it is all about the quality of service!

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    Taxify is now shit, N4000 from Yaba to Lekki..

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    taxify is the worst app ever my driver practically forced me to pay cash just because he didn’t get the payment immediately on his phone because obviously it’s a network issue ,later the money was deducted from my account so I ended up paying twice. I called him and he said he’s broke I should give him time to pay me just 2500. I have been complaining through email but it seems taxify is fucked up everywhere

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    Good day,

    I have been having some annoying experiences with your services but today is the worse and am really so upset.

    Yes I know you guys operate a meter billing system but when the driver intentionally takes a route he does not have a business taking and which is longer is just FRAUDULENT. I had to pay over a thousand Naira more from the local airport to my house in Opic which ordinarily I pay for less than 1600 and today I paid 2600 because the driver took a route he is not supposed to take.

    Also the drivers should always let the customers see them start the trip. Most of them start the trip before picking the customers. I mean that is so shady.

    Am so done with taxify and going back to Uber. You guys are FRAUDS!!!


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    So we all know Uber so well and then someone tells me to try Taxify that it’s even cheaper ..ok I go ahead And to my amazement it was cheaper so that’s a tick in the box for affordability, the driver was also well mannered and drove well..he nevertheless asked for his star ratings like the drivers do so in summary Taxify was a a good choice. Over time it would probably be a competition for Uber..
    IG handle @the_aries_lady

  6. SandraGee_

    As usual ! All good things in Nigeria normally come to an end. Taxify drivers have started becoming very annoying. I’m literally almost done with them.

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    Their drivers are poorly behaved, my last ride the driver was raising him voice at me

    1. SandraGee_

      I tell you. They are actually beginning to misbehave. They are worse than Uber.The annoying thing is, taxify cares more about their drivers. They never rectify any problem. Imagine, I took a ride within surulere and paid an airport toll. I reported and they said they dont have the means to rectify it for now. Who says that ?? I am legit deleting the app soon.

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    Taxify is okay, but for convenience sake, I will probably stick to Uber.

    1st experience with Taxify: The driver picked up another person and left. I don’t understand why neither he nor the person in the car realized this or even questioned the pick up. Seriously, so unsafe. Needless to say, I took Uber that night

    2nd experience with Taxify: The driver complained the entire time because he had not realized I was going to Ajah. I asked him to please drop me if he didn’t want to drive that far. He said it was okay, then proceeded to mumble the entire time

    3rd experience with Taxify: The driver went to the wrong pick up location. Argued on the phone with me that he was at the right place. Then he promptly hung up at some point, when I suppose he discovered that he was wrong. Only to show up with a frown probably convinced that I and the heavens had conspired to invent a new street and pull a quick one on him.

    4th and probably last experience with Taxify: App crashed for driver. Was stuck in the car for about 15 minutes waiting for him to be able to end the trip and give me a price. The driver gave me a little discount, but I didn’t care because I ended up late, while sitting right outside my destination

    I guess Taxify is okay, but I have seen better quality from Uber. The one about the driver that took off with the wrong passenger is still baffling me till today. Also, he didn’t end my actual trip. He just let it run out, and made the person pay cash.

    1. SandraGee_

      I actually understand this! I used taxify some weeks back and the guy kept arguing he had picked me while I was still waiting. Apparently he had picked up someone else. It has never happened To me with Uber so I found it strange. Also, the drivers are beginning to misbehave and it’s because Taxify is more driver oriented than rider oriented.
      Also the app misbehaves a lot. You even tried waiting. I normally pay my fare estimate and I’m off. If it’s more than, their gain if not, their loss tbh.
      Also! I don’t like how the drivers can change cars anyhow. It’s very confusing.

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    Tried taxify for the first time for a trip from Opebi, Ikeja to Lekki phase 1. The driver was very polite, the car was clean. Careful driver. Only flaw was the app crashing and he didnt help load/unload the bags. The cost of the trip was very pleasantly surprising. It cost N1.5k!! Meanwhile Uber had given me a price estimate of N4.8k – N5.8k for the same trip.

    1. SandraGee_

      Tbh, It seems too good to be true. but I am enjoying it while it lasts.

  10. Kome G
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    Very nice!!! Tried Taxify yesterday and loveeeeeeed it! The driver was very careful and entertaining…we had a very nice conservation. Lekki 1 to VI cost 800 naira.

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    I begin to worry that the unsuccessful attempts to add cards on the app is a plot to motivate drivers to join the platform with access to cash.

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    I totally agree with you. I paid N800 from Lekki to Gbagada. Customer service was excellent, the driver was very polite and ensured I didn’t have a boring moment during the ride.
    I wasn’t harassed with rating too. Lool!

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