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    please help! my tecno w4 no longer download apps

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    Please am in need of Tecno f7 panel and I reside in Lagos State, Nigeria. Please where can I get it because am in need of it so badly. My mobile number is 08105723694.
    Thanks for your understanding.

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    Please i need tecno camon c5 pouch case please

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    please I need the device password for tecno w4. I bought it and can’t upgrade my apps. it asks for device password and I have no idea. please could u message it to my mail.Thanks

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    Which particular app lock works perfectly on camon c8 tecno phone? D ones I downloaded r nt locking my apps.

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    How much would it cost me to change the screen of my tecno M9 phone?

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    Please i need Tenco F7 panel, please how can i get it or where should i got it and how much? Please i need it.

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    Gud Morning here, my tecno P9 got spoilt so I was asked to change the panel of my phone. I want to ask whether I can get one, pls I need it. Here is my no

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    pls help l use tecno h7 from 1 month ago anytime l call the screen will defiantly gos off and incoming calls too the same problem.
    on lest l removed the battery and on it again please help me?
    pls u can whatsapp me on +233556583066 or call +233556583066

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    i cant answer calls with my techno H7 how do i rectify the issue

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    how can i stop sudden appearance of applications in my technoP9

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    pls where can I buy techno p5 china touch pad in abuja,ekiti contact 08107826084 if u know d place

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    they exchanged my phone at carlcare how would i recover it back

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    My Tecno H7 i cann’t recieve or send message, solution. I’m expecting your repply in my e-mail ( Thnx.

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    Any time i want to recieve call, my phome Tecno H7 always display “unfortunately” phone has stopped working, i’ve tried factory reset for more than three time still the same. Secondly, malecious detected on, how can i remove it. I’m expecting your repply in my e-mail ( Thnx.

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    Pls. I need a reply. Each time I call on my tecno G9 phantom, it seizes for a long time. Pls what can I do. You can call me on 09039681186. Pls

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    hello tenco my tecno h7 cannt chrge while is ON buh only charges while OFF

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    I can pick call on my tecno l6, it will tell me “unfortunately, phone has stopped”. Please how do I resolve this problem.

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    I have bought a new Tecno android l6 last 2 weeks, but i m having a little problem with it I cannot received a call. and I want to advise you people to increase the quality if your product, because you are now getting back, since I started using an android phone Tecno is my favourite but now I totally don’t like it, most especially as I’m having this problem with the phone, if you did not take this recommendations actually everybody will definitely leave you. I’m waiting for the feed back on my Email address. thanks, wish you all the best. Up Tecno

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    My Techno R7 phone….Please my phone keeps installing apps on its own. I have uninstalled them but they keep coming back. Funny thing is my play store has never worked with mobile data but only when I use WiFi. I have also restricted installation of apps from unknown market sourced yet no change. I went ahead to uninstall all my recent download thinking a recent app could be thd problem yet no solution. I have also scanned for viruses and malware yet nothing. Whenever I switch off my phone and turn it back on, it says android is upgrading and then some new apps install again. I use a techno r7. Does anyone have a solution to this? Its driving me crazy. Easy touch, Battery Doctor, Efitirin, Omni Swipe just installed now.*sigh*also my wifi & data connection turns on by itself after putting it off….

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    My p5 was seized in school and after dat was seized by my father after d fone suddenly when off, I tuk it to a dealer and he told me d panel has spoilt and d warranty just ended were do u advise me to get a panel, and wat would av caused it to spoil pls I am desperate for answers, maybe it had been messed up in school I don’t know

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    Does any body have a tecno f8 phone that is bad but with a clean screen and calibrator for sale, call this number 08179187880

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    i bought my phone not up to three month and I connected it to my t.v via usb since then my phone screen is showing half please I don’t know what to do my receipt any every thing is intact can I get warranty????????

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    pls where can i repair my tecno H7 in abuja, d problem is it is unable to charge if i plug it in charge it can spend 24hr i did not get even 1ba.

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    I was unable to answer calls on my tecno l6. always displays “unfortunately phone has stopped ” msg. whenever I try to pick calls

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    please this is what my phone is tell me , unfortunately the process com .android phone has stopped. please i want to you to help me,please


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    please can you reply me so that i will know what to do now,my no 08033010093,


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      reach out to Tecno directly. Reviewnaija is not affiliated with tecno…

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    Your Rating for techno h7 displays that error wen i try to pick an incoming call

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    Pls my tecno m9 fell down n d screen broke..pls am in FUTO.. If u knw how n whr i can buy d screen pls let me knw…my no is 08067650286

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    Please my tecno m9 screen is broken how can i get a new one and how much will it cost me?

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    My tecno phone was stolen and I have important information there can you help me to shout it down with the serial number 35/7868

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    I lost my TECNO P5+ with serial number 356787064225529 on Monday(08-06-2015). Please how do I recover it?

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    Please how can I swap my techno p5 phone at techno office. And how much will I bring with me?.

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    Pls I need help, my tecno A3 fell and d screen broke, its still showing tho but the touch screen isn’t working,I went to carlcare @ opebi, I was told they don’t have the screen. how do I get the screen nd get it fixed?

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      I’m also having issue with getting where i can repair my techno A3 since the calibrator got broken.I got a place and i was told to bring #18,000 which i feel its too much since the calibrator is the only thing that got broken.can anyone tell me where i can repair it at a cheaper price.

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    I bought my tecno mini on 03/03/2015 and after one month my phone has problem,i was told to pay for the repair of my new tecno phone. it we be so bad for tecno if my phone can not be repair for free

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    My r7 bought in Feb 2015 has just been hanging I feel like so upset and having regrets already wat do I do

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    i need a new battrey for my tecno f7 plz contact me help me

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    i deem techno as the worst phone manufacturers ever. these are my reasons :
    no os update
    no concrete customer care service online
    all techno phones comes with their own special fault
    no improve phone features e.g multi windows, driving mode,….etc

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      in fact, i don’t understand how anyone uses a techno phone…

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    want to ask if tecno s7 screen and callibration is available in the market and how do i change my tecno s7 screen and callibration?

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    Please how can I upgrade my Techno S9 tablet from 4.2.2 to a higher version

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    I have problems with my tecno n9 I wath the new batteries my phone is off please I wath to no the price I am living in south africa

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    please i need ur assistant am staying in makurdi and my techno phantom is showing invalid IMEI, and does not accept any sim.. i can’t browse, call or sms with the phone, hw do i restore it to its normal code. i will be so grateful for your help…

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    please i need ur assistant, my techno phantom is showing invalid IMEI, and does not accept any sim.. i can’t browse, call or sms with the phone, hw do i restore it to its normal code. i will be so grateful for your help…

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    I have been using a TECNO P9 tap for the past six month. Yesterday i left my Bible App on which drain the battery. now it refuses to charge. the charger is working but the Tap will neither boot-up nor charge. What should I do

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    please i am in abuja and am having issues with my tecno phone that goes off when am playing music or doing one thing or the other on my phone.pls .how do i locate tecno office here in abuja?. thanks.

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    Hello Techno Nig., I bought a techno P9 mini tablet in July this year (2014) and ever since I bought the tablet, I have not had reasons to be happy for buying the phone. From problems of launcher not available to calibration now. I can’t even access all most all of the applications on the phone anymore. I went to a techno dealer in Ibadan and they confirmed that the tablet has calibration problem and I was directed to a techno in Lagos. Now the question is where is the techno office in Lagos that can help out with this problem???

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    I have screens for Tecno Phantom A3. Please, call 08123390327, 08030790724.

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    All my data is in that phone, tenon. Pls come an help me, I dnt no how to get my phone phantomF7 pls, I need customer center no cos am In aba. Pls is 4mouths now I send it for fix , for changing point

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    Hi. am a customer. I bought this tenon phantom F7 or A+ . Am very angry with your company, is not up to one year I bought this phone in one of ur dealers, an the changing point start to have problem, they ask me to bring it to fix it back , can u imaging that is 4 mouths now, still ur engineers can,t fix only changing point, each time I go to the dealer. he Will call ur office ,an der will say is not ready, this it fer, I no how much I bought the phone, I have ask them to send it back still I can see my phone. Pls I need ur help pls thanks.

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    pls my tecno r7 device screen just got broken now.pls i hope tecno have made new spare screen for r7 devices and how can i repair it…its still touching and working perfectly.thanks u can reply me via my mail.

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    I believe every tecno Android phone have a carlcare pre installed so there shouldn’t b a problem of where can I repair my tecno. anyway my problem is the fact that my phantom a3 can’t b repaired in ib I av to get to lag each time my phone develop calibration problem.

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    tecno has really done a great work and I must say am very gratefull to tecno for the hard work so far that Pple can get a nice phone in a good price… Nd I will be more greatfull too hear that u guys have produce a 4G, 4.0 bluethoot version with a gorilla touch screen..let’s ride tecno…

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    do dey sell techno phones at various tecno offices?

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    my tecno p5 fell into water….how do i solve the problem pls

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    If you take a look at the complains here, you will see that Tecno needs to do a lot more job to satisfy their teeming customers in Nigeria where they had enjoyed a big market. It is appalling that someone like me, a fan, and promoter of Tecno products in Nigeria and had used four Tecno smartphones from May 2013 till date did spend N45,000 for M9 and yet no satisfaction. The touchscreen suddenly became unresponsive after two months, that is, you need to press too hard to activate a key, and bye bye to fast typing as it was the major reason of switching to a big phablet. I’ve even changed the screen and the problem still persists. Please help as my friends have refrained from purchasing Tecno phones saying its so worrysome. I need help to prove them wrong.

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    my Techno f7 can not make calls or load airtime or check account balance, when I dial any prefix no, “eg *559#” it will Tell me ” connection problem or invalid mmi code”
    Pls How do I resolve this problem. Thanks

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    How can my tecon phone be block to make it useless for the person who stole it or the person it is sold to
    by the company.there should be a way out to stop people from buying stolen phone or stop people from stolen phone

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    My tecno n7 smartphone suddenly failed to connect to wifi, all it does when wifi is switched on is just booting and then goes off, however mobile data always connect when I switch it on, how can this problem be fixed, there no history of it falling to the ground

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    i love tecno its my bst fone nd my song is coming out on december entittled tecno version#…shout out 2 zenco communition luzzy says u re d best…

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    no. tecno for me is a bad product. I got a new tecno phone P3 and the 1st 3month speaker problem from that to another problem currently now the stupid phone is not working, after spending money fixing upon fixing, was now told to take it to tecno office which I currently don’t know where it is located.

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    hello no. tecno for me is a bad product. I got a new tecno phone P3 and the 1st 3month speaker problem from that to another problem currently now the stupid phone is not work. after spending money fixing upon fixing, was now told to take it to tecno office which I currently don’t know where it is located.

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    I love tecno products so much. but I was disappointed when I lost my tecno m7 to pick pockets and could not track it or damage it for the thief. please I have bought another but it is tecno h7 please you guys try adding an installed software to enable tracking if the phone is stolen.

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    I bought Tecno R7 on the 7th of July and it developed Calibration Problem on the 6th of August. I went to Tecno Office in Ibadan and i asked to come back on the 11th which i did but to my surprise i was asked to bring the phone back on the 15th that it will be taken to Lagos and i will have to wait for a month before i can have my phone back.The phone has never droped to the floor nor drop inside the water. Pls help out because i have no phone to use since 7th of August.

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    My techno A3 fell on the ground and the screen got broken.please where can I change the screen.thanks

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    my techno M3 can’t see my sim card. it writes invalid IMEI. why. i need help.

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    How much n Where can I get d screen of phantom A3 ie techno got broken n d phone isn’t working

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      @tina,kindly call dis nos 07031176097.its gonna b solved

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        Im havin d same issue..Will they fix it up if i call d number?

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    Tecno is really doing great and I dnt see any way to change d p is my M9 is broken and I need 2fix it.what I want 2knw is if I can buy d touch scrren alone without buying d hole screen.its only d out part dat got broken not d inner part..@ls I need help

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    My tecno f7 aka Phantom A+. just realized the charging port is bad. where and how do i fix it?

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    tecno is a good phone i must confess, my m9 screen is broke pls what is the cost of fixing it, i took it to repairer the told me to pay 18k just for the screen pls. how do i go about it pls, frm mkd.

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    With a heavy heart m typing this comment, I must confess m not impress at all with the experienced I v had with my techno r7 I recently purchased ( june12). I love everything about the specification, but how on earth will a phone I bought for 42000 naira just go off and refused to come on 1 month (july13) after purchase with no history of fall, or anything, m really not happy n cant imagine recommending it to anyone. The battery was showing 42% when it went off, first got hook (hanged n when I removed the battery n fixed it again, refused to come on. Pls help me because m really missing getting in touch with my pals.
    Dr lawson.

    1. SandraGee_

      Please head over to Carl Care centre at 87, Opebi. They will fix it, and might even exchange it for you.

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    site don’t have enough content.

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    I bought two units of your Techno Phantom A+ phone about a month ago and surprisingly,yesterday, my own phone has been rebooting all through. It has refused to come on. It does not open at all and this has affected my business deals.

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    I need to change my Q1 to phanrhom A+, how do I go about it

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    pls i bought TECNO PHANTOM F7 at wederal main office,owerri, Imo State after the following day, the phone started hanging and my RAM also full. So I later took the phone to that office for them to change it for me and they later collected the phone frm me that the phone will go on one month guarantee (1 month ) and the were telling me that they will not change the phone to me that they want to work on the phone and send it back to me. which i dont want it. pls if there is any way to help me, Contact me on 07036923573 or 08110691450 thanks for your warm co-operation

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    Tecno phones are good phone, I am also using phantom model of it but they need to improve on thirty battery, I realty love the phone

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    hi, i purchase an N9 Tecno pad from Microstation Ikeja but the charging point is not working now. pls i need info on tecno service center to fix it.


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    I bute a New tecno phantom A+ and finally found out that the Bluethoot and Wifi are not working and I can’t send or Receive any files. So please I want help and my warranty is still me with my number 08036809668

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    Bitch my front camera on apps like snapchqt , instagram etc is fucked . it as upside down on my phantom pad . expect me to walk on my head !?

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    Pleas how much techno phantom F7 battery

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    Please,is it still possible for me to get the Tecno N9 pad because its really scares in the market now. Plus I’ll love to have d addresss and phone number of d store or Tecno office where I can get d pad. Thanks

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    Tecno is a good phone to use and its best in twon now…pls I will like to be a part of the tecno whole sales person,I mean how can I be part of the seller who sales tecno mobile…pls I nees ur reply

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    I got an F7 (phantom) on the 17th of December 2013, and in February 2014 it’s having issues already? I took it to techno office Abuja where they said it had been fixed, but its still not working. I sound very faint when communicating and pple have to strain their ear to hear me, the music is always on once i insert the ear piece i discover its been ppaying even when i dont put it on, and when i want to listen to musicit just keeps selecting songs on its own without ending the previous one. Pls something has to be done fast. Dont spoil the good job you’ve done.

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    To say d hidden fact,Tecno is now a giant mobile producer what an awesome transformation.

    1. Efe G

      TBH I hadn’t heard about Tecno until this review was submitted/posted. Doesn’t seem like they respond to their customers in Naija though…so many enquiries yet no responses. Pretty poor…

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    my phantom a plus is not connecting to wifi/wireless network.pliiz help.

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    Pls, where is Tecno Mobile shop located in London , U .K ?

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    I have a tecno p5, but it restarting on its own, please what cause it and how can i go about it to be back to its normal self?

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    pls can I swap my techno phone with anoda in any techno office.

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    Please I will luv to know how much is phantom a3.

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    pls tecno shud do a fone dat is flat & has abt 5inch display @ a cheaper rate bte 13k- 17k. Make deir compatible bcos dere are sum games & software u cnt download wit tecno..pls am pleadin

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    pls dis phone is d best but now am cryin my phone fall down and d screen break I gave d phone to my friend to help go to tecno office but he did not take it but to gsm vallage and d spoil my back camera.pls help me out I love my phone and I dnt want to sell it pls help me so I can stop cryin pls

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    Tecno is great mobile phone those people who want to use feature of latest smartphone at low cost. I recommend it to my friends but i think you should work on update of its OS as onyeka says.

    Also it will be good if you should work on its shape and body quality improvement…

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    my wifi if technically not working cos if i on it,it’ll keep on blinking and dats all. it never gets to on finally. Can anybody help me with dat please…

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    can i repair my tecno d7 touch screen

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    Please can someone swap tecno Q1 with N7? If so where and how much will be added?

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    Hello, Pls I understand Tecno mobile runs customer care services for infinix mobile in Nigeria. Kindly assist by confirming this enquiry as I have issues with my infinix phablet (cracked screen).

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    Please,does Tecno mobile company accept concept?. Actually,am a designer (concept developer). I have this very unique design like no other for Tecno. U can connect with me on my Email address, if you are interested. Thanks

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    Just go to any tecno repair center and get your phone fixed for you.

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    Greetings, I would love to know what it will take to open a tecno office in a terrain where dey don’t have one; meaning I would like to partner with tecno to do business.

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    I bought new Tecno N3 in one of your phone dealers at Ikeja Lagos State Nigeria in the month of March this year but some group two gang armed boys robbed me of the phone at a gun point on the 25 October 2013. Please how can use the IMEI number to stop the fello from making use of the phone.
    Thank you for your good response.

    Ubani Chigozie.

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    As much as I appreciate TECNO’s revolutionary midas touch in the African phone industry I can’t hide my discontent. I was distraught when I realised that my TECNO T731 wouldn’t run apps like whatsapp; I cant even type text on 2go. Most apps are only across platforms like java, blackberry, symbian or androids. This COSMOS incompetence is a nightmare I pray to end soon. I hope to get a solution soonest. Thank you so much.

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    The phantom pad ℓ̊ bought got stuck in HALL SWITCH please how can ℓ̊ G̶̲̥̅o̶̲̥̅ back to using the phone

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    I am one of the consumers & distributor of Tecno mobile phone in Delta state, wish to commend Tecno company & the entire management team for making me & ordinary Nigerian afford an Android phone (Tecno N3)… Stil want to plea With Tecno management Team to site Tecno service centre in Delta state, particularly in Sapele L.G.A. to enable the numerous consumers gain quick access to their mobile problem…I’m a GSM Engineer & sales of Tecno mobile, Samtech-communication, located at No 1 ugbeyiyi Rd Sapele Delta state..I wouldn’t mind if you guys can grant my company permition for service center.. Thanks, Samson E. Ofofo

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    please Techno needs to update their phones os.. via ota.. every other android phone’s have updated to 4.0…Techno needs to be professional

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    Tecno mobile most especially the smart Phone is good but more should be added to the apps Phone memory be increase

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    pls,did tecno company produce spare parts for all dis new phones..because i bought the tecno d5 and it fell down and the calibration glass got broken….plsssss tell tecno dat we need d spare part

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