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    The first pix is what the Temmy Turban looked like when I got the mail.

    So the first picture is the ad.

    The second picture is me trying to tie the turban myself. You can’t wear my own to a party, maybe a come-chop thingy where only your best friends are around.

    The third picture Is also my try try.

    The last picture, I went to my colleague to tie for me and she did a great job as you can see.

    The material is very soft to touch, fluffy and feels good on my skin. I don’t usually like tight stuff on my hair so that texture of the material helps me in that light.

    Why must I wear a scarf?

    This is what I used to say.
    It’s a different look. Looks good. Feels good. Looks better than the picture that was used for the ad.

    So am I going to start wearing scarf?
    It is a new experience. It is a different experience for me.

    I think it will look good on a dress.

    I probably am now a scarf wearer since this one looks so good on me.

  2. Ese Willi
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    I received an email about the free turban giveaway by temmy turban; though i am a male, can’t wear turbans..but I always have my mom at heart so i quickly followed through with the requirements and YES i won. Received the black turban (black is my mom’s best colour), gave it to mom and she just loved it. The turban is so long and full. She wasn’t picky of it. Now she is requesting for more variety. lol

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    I Received the turban, and It matched exactly with the images I had seen of the products. So it was exactly as I had pictured it. I have attached pictures of the turban.  Yumm

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