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  1. Adesola Adesanya
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    I went to Terra kulture when I was in my final year in university. I was working on a project that had to do with arts culture and film production in Nigeria.
    The place was very easy to locate since it is on the Google maps.
    The library was very useful to my topic and was very comfortable for reading and carrying out my research.
    The staff we’re very welcoming and I remember a lady there who welcomed me with a smile and put me through, that was quite helpful.
    I didn’t get to try their food or watch any performance but I guess it would be amazing.
    The environment is absolutely beautiful and it’s all for promoting the African culture.

  2. Avatar
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    I am an artist so, I love the art gallery at Terrakulture. Small gallery with amazing works that are on sale. The food is nice and quite cheap compared to some other restaurants. Good customer service, lovely ambience, nice library spot and book store which I went to after my meal. Never been to the theatre but there’s one where they have stage plays every now and then. It is a lovely place to go get work done or read and also, a nice place to take foreign friends that are interested in African things to.

  3. qrstuviola
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    Review of Terra Kulture

    I wanted a cool hang out spot that screamed quirk-alert! After going on their website, Terra Kulture seemed to encompass all that I was looking for.

    The website was great to an extent. Layout and navigation great. It did sell me some false dreams though.
    As you entered the library is to your left and to your right is the restaurant, and a ramp going upstairs to the gallery. The layout was quirky – so that was a tick.

    The library wasn’t really a library, more a book store than a library. A store would be a bit or an exaggeration but let’s go with store. It definitely had some great books on photography and philosophy etc.
    If you’re like me, I like to read a page or two as well as the blurb to get a feel or a book before I buy; this practice isn’t welcomed in Terra Kulture library. However, I don’t necessarily blame them. There are occasions were people damage books and refuse to buy, plus having seen the dirty finger prints on the crisp white pages I completely support their strict rule of no touching unless you intend to buy.

    The library / store was divided into two.
    One section had two large circular tables, each divided into quarters thus permitting 4 people each. To sit and / or use their wifi you had to pay 1,000 naira for 1 hour. There were extension cables for one to connect laptops etc.
    On the walls of the table area were bookshelves containing nice arts and craft and some Ankara tops. I bought a fridge magnet and a notebook with the cover made of wood.

    The other side was theoretically the “library”. More books on the wall, and two sofas for sitting and perusing the books briefly. Emphasise on briefly, as one of the attendants was ever so quick to ask if I was buying and if I wasn’t to kindly put it back.
    As explained earlier – given the damage some customers had impacted on items, I could understand their stance.

    Private study rooms
    The website sold me this; but I didn’t see it when I got there. The attendant in the “library” said they’re renovating it but didn’t say when it would be ready. I’m not holding my breath.

    The gallery
    Was nice. Not much to write home about. There certainly were some interesting pieces. It was nice to have a gallery to look at tbh. I think they could have done more with the space though. It was just lacking something.

    The restaurant area was rather nice, with small intimate table arrangements as well as large wooden tables. If you’re one of those that like to work with a bit of everyday noise, the restaurant/hang out area is perfect. A lot of people opted to crack open their laptops there, while sipping on their beer / chapman.
    I didn’t order any food, so I can’t comment on the food. But everyone looked rather satisfied and the smells were ever so tempting… but 2017 healthy eating goals wouldn’t let me indulge. *side eye*

    Service was generally good. Friendly staff. The place was well conditioned, which was highly needed on such a hot day. The 2 min switch from NEPA to gen illustrated the good work the air conditioning was doing.

    Overall 7/10
    I think I had higher expectations because of the website. But generally it was good. I had a good time. I’ll come back again.

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