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    Blessingiyama, you are right…The writter got a little bit carried away with his/her “dooms day” report (Fine piece of article i must commend…only if they were all true). Nevertheless i think like the article is trying to insinuate… The “olympus” is operating far below its full potentials and capacities, The management needs to be more aggressive in their approach. It is not just enough to build something great, the real work is in making a reality the dreams that birthed the greatness and striving for more.

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    This is jst an article full of lies. The building has lost its paint…dat I agree. But the bouncers do not beg for alms, neither does their toilet have any iota of stench lingering along its corridors…nd watz more the whole place is air conditioned so I wonder where your stench comes from…and lastly the auditorium is quite good nd dey have very high sound quality. Try getting your facts right next time.

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    Mehn E-centre is the bomb mehn! My fav spot there is Ozone cinemas sha!! It’s a great place. Yeah

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