Listed and first reviewed on: 10/26/13

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    I visited the mall recently to watch wedding party with my son ; I was told I couldn’t go in with him because the rating for the movie is 18+. He is just 18months. I was so pissed.
    Meanwhile my sister entered with her kids of 7 and 5yrs old in Lekki.

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    Its #500 on Wednesday so i turned that day to compulsory movie night. lool. Screen 1 is better than screen 2 i must say and the hot dog is simple and nice.

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    i think its cool tho, compared to ozone and the likes, 3D here is very cheap. and the concession stand has reasonable prized goods.

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    i went to see a movie here when they recently opened in december 2012, and then it was incomplete, i think they are improving tho

  5. Interesting Review. Leisure Mall used to be nice. The seats are amazing but the hall is small.

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