Listed and first reviewed on: 01/13/16

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    Foundry, foundry, foundry!!!! Don’t know how I didn’t come across the place until now knowing I go through Ajose Adeogun street on a reg (I guess I wasn’t so observant). A friend suggested we go there for lunch. I was so skeptical at first but decided to give it a try and I had an AMAZINGGGGG day. Customer service was lovely, the food was amazing and in my opinion they have the best mojito I have tried in Lagos so far and yesss, I have tried a lot. The restaurant was clean but they need to do something about the pool because it made the environment look a bit dirty but I’ll def go back any day and any time. If you get around Ajose a lot, you would know about their parking space which is really small. It’s worth a try if you haven’t tried it yet.

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    I’d like to try the breakfast, it looks really nice but not looking forward to rotten tomatoes though

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      LOOOOOOL @ rotten tomatoes….

      i think the onions and tomatoes are raw too.

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    I was looking forward to visiting The Foundry especially as I’m a big fan of Casa. Side Note: The Foundry space used to be occupied by a popular club back in the days…you know the clubbing and restaurant industries in Lagos are very fickle so I wasn’t too surprised to see a new tenant occupying the space.

    I like the outdoor space more than the indoor one. Indoors is a bit too small (makes me wonder how people partied there!) The entire space is available for rent if one would like. I imagined it’d be good for like a birthday pool party at night.

    My burger was pretty good. very messy but good. Solid 8/10. Drinks were daiquiri tasted like syrup. Service was decent but not great. The floor supervisor who attended to us was really polite and friendly butttt he didn’t manage our expectations as I’d have liked. I told him we were in a hurry and asked how long it’d take to get our food. He said not too long and we ended up waiting for about an hour!

    Would I go back to Foundry? Maybe. But I’d have to checkout a ton of other restaurants before returning.

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    I like fondrys the food is good and the price isn’t outrageous and the ambience is nice as well but last I went there I got a hand written bill as well ? So I don’t know what’s going on . But other than that everything seem good to me

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      Ha!! Seems like “the system” is constantly down…mmm. A bit weird…I wonder if the owner ever knows about these hand written bills…

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