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    I’m not in Lagos maybe I would have been there.I would love to be there.its gonna be a serious experience.

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    Lol at the bar soap story. And the pictures tho. Scary.

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    I got my s4 via exchange in computer village . I tried to be as careful as possible, the 1st phone didn’t work . But I was lucky to see the seller, and I got another. Just sheer luck. Computer village!!!!

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    Ash. I have a story similar to that one. I got an iphone with 2 sim .

  5. Efe G

    I’ve heard so many horror stories about comp village, but i’ve also heard they fix almost anything. I’ve got a cousin who owns a store there…but these pics though…looks like a horror

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    This is so true. My friend got her iphone4s for 12k. I was shocked

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