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    Their mudslide really is something. Cost about 4k but mehnnn was so worth it. The cheese naan is still very solid. Overall, was very happy with my visit today. Pretty steep pricing oh but once in a while issokay

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    If only they can get their phones to work so people can make reservations…. arggggggggggggggggggggh

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    Great review! Will dfinitely try this place out sometime…. and I won't forget my insect repellant, lol

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    Yeah it's a good place to chill with friends and I never get disturbed by mosquitoes there so maybe it's just you they target.Also I love how quite it is! A live band will just take away from the serenity and easiness of the place.

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    I have really been looking for a place to hang out with friends on a friday night asides clubbing. Would try this place out. Hopefully the service won't be that poor.

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    Great Review! Went there with a couple of friends last week. The service wasn't great but we sure did have a good time. The cocktails were really good and the beautiful view tops it all up.

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    Very Sincere review** enjoyed reading it.

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    Wonderful review! The bad service is a big turnoff, but i live for cocktails, cant wait to try it out when i'm back home with my girls.

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    not many places capture the natural beauty of lagos. the sea side view alone trumps the slow service from the waiters. i still say its somewhere you to get a feel of the moon light and the presence of nature.

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    Sounds like a really fun night out. I'll surely give the restaurant a try!

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    Good review! I spent a Saturday night here with some friends and it was pretty amazing. The atmosphere is very serene and the view is beautiful at night time, although the services can be improved. I enjoyed my time there.

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    They serve good food, cocktails and shisha; very exotic menu. However the quality of service needs to be improved; the "waitresses" gave a very nonchalant attitude. I would give a 3-star rating.

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    Good Review 🙂 Churrasco's is a lovely location to soak up the sun and have wonderful cocktails and smoke shisha .

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    Superbe review ! I was there last saturday with a group of friends and thouroughly enjoyed myself!

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    spent my last Saturday night with my girls there,nothing but pure bliss blended with the whispering of the sea breeze,your review is very thorough!

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    Amazing Review. Been here with my girls a few times. its a great atmosphere particularly provided you're with the right set of people. Had a wonderful time while i was here.

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    I was here on a girls night out. We had a wonderful time. The open air environment and the moisture laden breeze beside it gives it pleasant atmosphere.

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    Nice review 🙂 , I actually needed this because I've heard so much about churascos and like all my friends have gone, I think I'll go there in december too. Thanks a lot ! But mosquitos tho*sad*.

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    Oh Woow! Now that I have read this i'm really looking forward to go there with my girls (and maybe boys *wink*) when I get home for christmas. I'm not sure about the mosquitoes though maybe I'd stay inside. Can't wait!!

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    I went there with a bunch of friends and in general it was fun. I agree with you the service was so poor we waited a while and not just for food but also to ask about menus and things like that . The food is just okay but in all it was nice

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