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    I have used the Nanny Academy periodically over a few years and totally agree with previous comments. Poor customer service by their founder, Amara – she can be very rude and dismissive. The quality of the training they also provide is quite poor thus, the quality of nannies provided is usually very low. You literally have to interview a lot of candidates in order to find a tolerable one.

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    I have used Nanny Academy for close to 2 years now. I quite disagree with the hidden fee part. They tell you UPFRONT about the sign-on fee and the 10% of the nanny’s annual salary .

    Yes, most times the people sent are usually not as professional as would be expected, coming from a well-placed, well hyped organisation like the Nanny Academy, but you can always insist on a replacement. I have had a housekeeper replaced because she was lazy and gave loads of excuses to extend her weekend off till Monday.

    I think the Nanny Academy is doing great, in my opinion. Though there’s room for improvement.

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    The 2 comments above are spot on; absolutely poor attitude, particularly, after you have paid the hidden fees. I got a lady who could not do the job, tolerated her for a while and then let her go. Getting a replacement was a nightmare, took forever and eventually never happened. The Nanny academy, including their Owner, just become unreachable after you have paid for their (dis)services!

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    Good concept but only a concept. Very far from delivery.

    Poor customer experience. The office girls were rude when we visited. Hidden fees. No apparent training for the nannies as claimed. Fired the nanny we got after tolerating rudeness to my wife after a few weeks. No real commitment to getting a proper replacement. Owner just seemed content to have gotten the subscription fees plus the extras they charged. Worse than using the traditional agents.

    If I could give a ZERO, I would. Total waste of money. Ended up spending more on short-term arrangements.

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