Listed and first reviewed on: 03/13/17

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    This is such an amazing production! Such a beautiful movie; one of the very best to come out of nollywood. I will be watching it over and over until I get tired. Kudos to all the cast and producers! Great, great job!!

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    I watched this with my husband. We laughed so hard with tears running down our faces. Kemi Adetiba…my first time hearing about you! did a great job. Shola shobowale, RMD, Alibaba, Ireri Doyle, banky and adesuwa, and of course the wedding planner gurl ! Wonderful talented cast. I am not a movie person but this kept hubby and me enthralled to the end. My husband is still giggling remembering scenes from the movie. If anyone needs to have a fresh introduction on how Nigerian marriages work, please watch this movie. Very well done. Well done guys. Thanks for doing a great job!

    And oh my! My husband is still laughing even though we finished watching about 15 minutes ago.

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    i really think the movie was overhyped. no lessons learnt, i mean what is someone supposed to learn from Adunni (Adesua Etomi) who was ready to walk out of her wedding the moment a challenge rose ts head?
    however, the plot was easily relatable as this is what happens in most Nigerian WEDDINGS.

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    you all need to see this funny movie,couples take a break from work and go see this movie together. you will surely love it. @debbiekunmi on instagram

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    great Movie, Good scenes , short and explicit. Good story line, to me it is a 6/10. Less intriguing, is like we already knew how it will plan out, though were lot of funny scenes. the robbery i also believe was not to out of scene but the way it was acted was TOO OUT of the whole movie. Great JOb

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    I’m usually not a Nigerian movie person. But I heard about the wedding party and decided I must watch this movie and see what the buzz was about. OMG! I watched and watched it again. I have been to the cinema to watch this twice. I now have a copy of it on my laptop that I watch when I’m less busy. Toyin tomato ? killed it for me with all her drama ❤️. Ireti the posh Yoruba but Igbo woman. ? It was a wonderful experience. Hope for more movies like this.

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    The movie was wonderful, well directed. My only issue was the introduction of the Ärmed Robber. I feel it didn’t really gel. There are other ways to get the parents to confess without having to use that scene.


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    It’s a great movie. It kinda depicts real life high society inter-tribal weddings. I couldn’t agree more with the review you put up. The casts, the director, the whole team did a great job. However, I’ll give an 8/10 rating*.

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    Wedding party , wedding party !!! I finally saw it yh, but to me it was just “ok”. Just basically showing some funny scenes and true feelings of a Nigerian wedding.
    Handles- @ayoakwe

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    Finally I saw this movie , it is worth my time it has a mixture of youruba , igbo and foreign character lolz what a funny movie

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    My love for Kemi Adetiba, Sola Sobowale and “sugar daddy” RMD made me see this movie…I give it a 10 star rating.

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    The hype surrounding this movie was sooo good that I had to see it. In addition, my love for Kemi Adetiba was another reason I looked forward to this blockbuster. So you can imagine my expectations were at an all time high.

    In recent times, Nollywood movies have waned from telling captivating stories; stories that depict our rich, dramatic and Nigerian culture. We have a lot of Hollywood inspired movies, which never seem to cut across the true Nigerian populace. Movies like ‘Violated”, “Rattlesnake”, “Forever”, “Peacemaker”, “Taboo”, are examples of what’s missing in Nollywood today. So you can imagine my excitement seeing the trailer of The Wedding Party, since the proper Nigerian wedding was the backdrop of the movie.

    Anyway, enough rambling, I’ll go straight to my take on the wedding party.

    Production – A solid 8/10. Honestly I didn’t expect anything less. I know any project involving Kemi always always delivers great production. Nollywood has grown leaps and bounds in this area and long may that continue.

    Casting – I think this was spot on. Every cast made sense. I particularly enjoyed Ireti Doyle. That woman screams class…love her. Another notable mention has to be Shola Shobowale A.K.A toyin tomato. Great actor and lights up the camera like a true star.

    Story – Now this is where I got a little disappointed. On paper, the story makes sense. “girl about to marry a boy, boy conflicted about sticking with one woman but excited about the prospect of being married to the girl..mother-in-laws at odds with each other…the boys past and mother threaten the success of the wedding…chaos and drama unfolds as couple attempts to tie the knot”.  I think they fell a little short in bringing this story to life. I wish I could tell you exactly what this movie lacked but I went away dissatisfied. Albeit funny, more substance was highly needed.

    Acting – 6/10. Stand out performance were Banky W and Ireti Doyle. Shola was great but I can see how someone else might find her annoying and OTT.

    Final Take

    I remember watching Violated for the first time. That movie was sooo good I saw it like 500+ times (Not kidding). I still have it online to watch whenever I feel nostalgic. A true Classic in every word that.

    Now, as for The Wedding Party, great directorial debut for Kemi, record breaking, and fantastic production. I won’t be adding this to my collection of great Nigerian films. It just didn’t do it for me like the way Violated or any of the movies I listed above did. Perhaps I should watch it again and create a list of what areas threw me off? I’ll think about it…

    Until then, this movie gets a 3/5 from me.

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    Lovely review

    The point about rushing the end of movies is very valid, you will jejely be enjoying movie and the ending will just come and be bleh?

    What amused /confused me the most in the movie was how she managed to reach the beach at night in Lagos and start a camp fire in that dress and how he knew she was there (with no previous mention of the spot on the beach or anything) ?

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    brilliant review to an interesting blockbuster though I don’t agree with the part on the robbery scene…I found it very funny and different from the usual nollywood robbery scenes. I would give it a 7/10 also #wehdonema

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    #Clapping… OK I concur with you on this… But let’s say more of a 7.5 rating :*

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