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    Shopping here is an experience that only a true Lagosian would understand. It’s not supposed to be pleasurable so if you like your experience, you must be a die-hard shopaholic.

    There usually isn’t any problem with getting what you need. The snag is that if you want the best deals, you have to walk for long distances, sometimes even climbing the precarious looking stairs up the storey buildings that are decades old.

    The market is usually rowdy, especially in the evenings. There is absolutely no parking space. Also, it isn’t convenient to take children along.

    As with most markets in Lagos, it would be wise to keep your handbags properly closed and keep them close to you at all times.

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    My visit to Tinubu Market was good. I had a good time and went with a knowledgeable person who knew the ins and outs. If I lived in Nigeria I’d visit once every 3 months…very cute stuff!

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    It was surprisingly fun. Tiring but enjoyable.

    We went with my mother-in-law so we knew we were in for it but we had no choice because we really needed to get a lot of material at a cheap rate.

    We were done buying what we went for within about 30 minutes but my mother-in-law kept taking us further in saying “come and see inside there’s so many nice things there; let me show you”. Soooo that’s how we ended up spending 2 hours but it was worth it.

    Got really nice lace that was initially priced 1,500/yard which I thought was a deal, but little did I know because my mother-in-law priced it down to 500/yard!

    I’m looking forward to going again in about 2 months which is funny because the last time I went to the market (about 6 years ago) I promised never to go again.

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      Lol!! The market is very interesting and there are loads of good deals. Unfortunately, there are no carts so one’s hands can get tired very quickly from carrying all the load!

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    I also went to Tinubu Market to get fabric. It’s messy and rowdy with many flies. However, i got some really nice materials to sew with, my fave being ankara prints on chiffon! I consider shopping at Tinubu market similar to going on a treasure hunt or even thrift shopping; you’d encounter a lot of misses hidden among some hits!!

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