Listed and first reviewed on: 01/17/13

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    I was here 2 days ago and I was disappointed with their small chops! A pack of small chops for 1k and it wasn’t even tasty ??

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    I was at Titto’s yesterday and they wasted my time. I was told to wait 7 mins for mixed shawarma and 15 mins for puff puff (5 for 100 naira). I went to the store, came back 20 mins later and still not ready. The puff puff was even ready before the shawarma. The puff puff was ok, but there was something wrong with the shawarma. It was nice but for food that just came off the grill, it was a bit cold. Very strange. I wasn’t encouraged to return.


    1. Kome G

      Yeah that’s super weird…especially if it just came off the grill. The sausage looks very pink/uncooked too…

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    gosh I had this shawarma yesterday and it was SOOOOO good! so so good. I called to order and it was ready by the time we picked up. they still don't deliver yet though…

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