Listed and first reviewed on: 12/10/14

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    Tlash started out fine. Around 2011 or so in Unilag. Students fell in love with her cake and how easy it was. Some years ago after i graduated, I tried to order a cake and things were not the same. Not such a bad experience but it can be better

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    Ordering from Tlash takes HARDWORK, PATIENCE and a determination TO NOT GET ANGRY.
    I love her cakes but her customer service/relations is a ZERO.
    Ordered for a birthday cake one time never got a response. Thank God for plan B.
    Her cakes are pocket-friendly which is the only reason I go through all this stress. I think her chocolate cake is lovely

    1. SandraGee_

      As in!! Lol. I think my rating for the chocolate cake is that low because I’ve tasted much better ones.

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    Interesting review. I do agree that the service is poor. I’ve experienced this before. But concerning the chocolate. True , its not real chocolate. But it’s 5k5. I doubt we should expect too much. She is student friendly. But yes. Poor service.

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    well…. i guess “we” have all had our different experience and taste of Tlash… but to my own opinion…Thumbs up to them… student and cost and taste friendly….

    1. SandraGee_

      I do agree that they are cost friendly. I mean, 5k5 for such huge cake is pretty impressive. But, all im saying is that there is a large room for improvement.

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    Ahh. This this review can killl someone’s carreer

    1. SandraGee_

      Nope. It can’t. It will make one sit up, so that they won’t lose customers.

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