Listed and first reviewed on: 02/17/17

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    Their chocolate cake is 5/10 in my opinion. It’s not fantastic, but it’s not completely awful. The cupcake on the other hand is a completely different story. It can be likened to cake from Cake World, which is not good.

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    I was looking for a way to get a cake to my girlfriend in Lagos. A friend of mine told me about Todun. I decided to give it a try. I ordered the Chocolate cake and a pack of cookies for my girlfriend. The website was very easy to use and I could pay online, which I did. Even with the time difference, I tried monitoring the delivery. Someone from the company was gracious to give me an update and even informed me when they were running an hour late because of courier issues. My order was delivered around 13:00 Nigerian time. My girlfriend was really really happy with the cake and cookies. I won cool points thanks to Todun!

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    Cupcakes were not good at all. Couldn’t eat it; was pretty bad. Chocolate cake was just there. I didn’t like it. Perhaps their banana bread is good, but based on my experience with the cake and cupcakes especially, I won’t be patronizing this business again.

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    So i have this (bad) habit where i get anxious after ordering something from a vendor i don’t know and then i go snooping around online to see if anyone has said anything bad about the vendor. [Yes I know i probably should do that before placing the order!]. I had been eyeing Todun Treats since Lost in Lagos posted about their yummy and moist banana bread ( Anyway so i ordered from Todun on thursday and had one of those my anxious moments yesterday and stumbled upon Nini’s review. As you can imagine, my anxiety level increased big time…i wondered when i would learn to do research ahead of time. I told myself that well, I had ordered it for myself so if anything went wrong, at least it wasn’t like it was for a public event or public consumption. And this morning, I got my order – 1 chocolate cake and 1 pack of chocolate chip and oatmeal cookies (yes i like chocolate!). Guys, the order arrived an hour ago and my family and I have already finished the cake and cookies (yes I know it’s only 10:30am but please don’t judge us :p). It was so delicious!

    Ordering : It was so easy to order from their website. And you could pay on there as well.

    Customer service: I had a few questions about getting the chocolate cake as a rectangle instead of a round cake and emailed and within minutes i got a response. I’m used to NIgerian businesses not responding on time so I was very pleased.

    Delivery: Cake was delivered at about 9:30am by the owner, a young lady. She explained that her delivery company had recently disappointed her so she was doing the deliveries herself for now (I assume this is what Nini was referring to in his review). The cakes were in great condition when they were smudges or anything.

    Taste: The cake was very moist and rich.I loved the chocolatey covering as well. The cookies were also very delicious. I really enjoyed them.

    In general, I had a very pleasant experience dealing with To Dun Treats. I will definitely be ordering from them again. My eyes are on that banana bread next! They make it so easy to order too..definitely not good for my sweet tooth!

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