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    Anyone who knows me very well would no I’m an easy going person and I have no airs around me and I see the good in people and and try not to take account of wrong. Having said that I’m not one who calls people out, but with the incident that happened with ‘Toju Foyeh’ I’m not going to take it lying down.

    My friend Olawunmi Oshikoya Nee Shobowale of got married last Saturday the 8th of July, I was one of the 12 bridesmaids before I dropped out because something came up and it would interest you to know even after I dropped out @tojufoyeh didn’t see the need to return the fabric which she charged for including the thread, lining and zip something that wasn’t sown, and could have been used for another client.

    After three – five individual fittings with Toju Foyeh, it’s safe to say her service was short of gratifying for something that is made to measure!@ibbystyles the in-house stylist had to pin up and patch most of the bridesmaids dresses in ridiculous places( I have proof in pictures&videos) @olalafe_abina_atinuke. The dresses were so tacky and had bubbles all over,we had to rent a steam iron to iron the dresses because they weren’t ironed when it was picked up.

    The chief bridesmaid @adejokedacosta dress ripped while she was picking up the bride’s dress in the middle of the reception,infact her dress had no lining and it was cutting into her skin.(it’s not a lie *in dbanj voice, we ‘ve got proof)

    She lined the maid of honor (the bride’s sisters) dresses with an inappropriate color (white) which was showing in the pictures @abysho1 had to take off her dress after the thread on the ribbon on the shoulder gave way which made her dress rip,she changed into another dress the minute we got to the reception.

    That’s even half of the story, one of the bride’s maid dress @purplemango2 was picked up from her security guard ‘WET’. Her lackadaisical attitude to the whole situation was totally appalling. You can’t be an entrepreneur and not possess soft skills.Bottom line is that the dresses were horrible and we ladies didn’t get value for the money paid.

    It’s about time entrepreneurs/service providers be held accountable for their actions…It is not my intention to smear your brand but to point out areas where you need to work on and improve upon particularly your customer service in its entirety and the delivery of the final product. Attitude they say is everything and customer will always be KING!

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    I would definitely rate Toju a strong 9 out of 10! We were so last minute with our request when we came to her and she took us on and blew it out of the water! She was very hands on and deliberate in ensuring the dress design suited everyone’s body shape and was flattering and her staff were amazing and very courteous! I would definitely be recommending her and using her again!

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    I think TF gets better each year, she has sewn for me twice and I loved them both, she’s professional too and reasonably priced. I’d definitely recommend her!!! 9/10 for me.

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    Compared to most Nigerian designers, Toju Foyeh’s bridesmaids dresses are reasonably priced and fit perfectly! She has improved tremendously over the years and I love her style. 10/10 for me!

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    I would rate TF a 10/10. You barely find a combination of friendly and professional owner AND staff of an establishment in Nigeria. They know how to work with customers. I’ve used them for my bridesmaids dresses and a few of my outfits and was satisfied each time.

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