Listed and first reviewed on: 12/06/14

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  1. Oh wow, that sounds as annoying as can be Lol, I’d have lost it a long time ago, and then pay more for a one way trip? Even if I had the money, hell no! That’s fraud.

  2. Your Rating

    Wow. TBH , I utilized tranzit when they were still ‘tranzitng’ and not ‘taxipixi’ and am kinda really really surprised….And to sum things up they are in charge of my deliveries of which I havnt had issues till date.
    Really, the last time I used their cab service , a really nice toyota corolla came to pick me up and it wasn’t branded at all at a really good price!Infact,the details of the driver was sent to me via text like 10mins before the trip..But like I said, this review is a shocker.
    I will sure have your review sent over to tranzitNG through their Co-CEO.

    Really nice review *btw*

  3. Sincerely speaking, u get patience…..I’d have opted for a regular yellow cab a long time ago….especially @ d point whr the price changed cos of their incompetence….keke would have been better sef. Mtcheeew.

  4. Funny experience….. Youre even lucky you met a calm cabbie… Most of these other lagos cab drivers are always moody… Nice review though

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