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    Hey I don’t need to write much here to discourage potential clients of travelstart nigeria, I was taught the lesson of my life by the so called travel start staffs. especially the e-mail team I think I will rather use kayak website than travelstart again because they don’t have value for there clients and the worst part is that you can’t get hold them on phone even through e-mail so tell me what the staffs are doing?? i will rather use uk website and pay more and buy my ticket than use the so called travelstart.

  2. SandraGee_

    So I gave my number to the TravelStart rep who replied. He called and offered a series of apologies. He also said they are working on improving the phone lines and they even have a new number . I would have to ask for that new number as I can’t find it in my call log anymore . He asked me to give TravelStart another chance and I’m seriously thinking about it.


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    I agree with you 100%, bought a ticket and it took 2days to get my ticket or even a PNR..I wasn’t even sure if they got my money cos I didn’t hear from them and of course the customer service line doesn’t work. I had to contact them through FB before it was forwarded to me by email; 2 days to my trip. None of their social media account is active except FB

    1. SandraGee_

      Exactly! It’s so annoying how they NEVER pick up the phone. Sometimes I wonder if they could just switch the person handling the facebook with whoever is supposed to pick up. And that their “Emergency” number is absolute scam. I wish I had read reviews before using them.

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        Hello Sandra,

        I’m disappointed to learn of the experience you had on your booking with us. We would really like to improve on our services and appreciate your feedback. Would you mind sending through you number so that we can give you a call shortly? We would love to help improve your experience with us and our customers generally.

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